3 players looking for very active team

hey 3 very active players looking for a team.

We are looking for a team with high expectations. We would like a team with players like us. A team getting the final team prize each week. And a team that is expecting players to do quests. As all 3 of us do these each week. If there is any teams out there that thinks that we would be perfect PM me.


Level 204,146,132

**Looking for Team


Talk with our Officers and/or Leader . We are LoyalBlood ( 18 castles in atlas)
we are in shappireII and we accept Only Obsidian Players ( this means that to enter the players Must possess Obsidian dragons)

Come check out NewbieNoobs active, and competitive platinum 2 team atlas team :blush:

Hello! We are looking to add players just like you to our team! We are highly active on the game and through Discord. We want to continue to grow and bring in players that will be as active in the game as we are. I hope you’ll contact us either myself or our leader! Our team is LuDraconiCe, I’m Athera2915 in the game and we are a Gold II team climbing higher. We are actively recruit now before the next event! Please check us out :slight_smile:

We are in gold 2 as well.
Anyone want to join Heavenlyhell?

Did you get yourselves sorted?
We have just started recruiting.
MastersRefuge plat 4. Atlas + alliance.s

HERExBExDRAGON is a Platinum 2 (soon to be P1) team that is currently recruiting . We have so many valuable things to offer you. A few of them are as follows

• 1000 egg tokens a day just for logging in • Organized War and Resource Sharing • War Waves and Teamwork • Atlas, with 9 castles and every element available • Players from Orange to Harbinger for support • A tight-knit family vibe and experience

These are only a few things we have to offer, the list can go on and on. There is something for everyone at HBD.
If you have any questions or concerns, please ask. I’m always available.

Truely, AntiRobinHood (IGN)
Head Recruiter
LINE: not3b00k (last 2 are zeroes)

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