3 Rubies for Successful Defense

I haven’t received successful defense rubies in weeks and I have had multiple opportunities (successful defenses). Is anyone else noticing this or is there suddenly some secret to getting them?

Finally put in a ticket but wondering if I am missing something…besides my rubies.

I get defense rubies once out of ever 20 defenses I think.

Okay thanks for the info. They just told me they it is purely by chance, but it is odd how I would average them every 3-4 defenses and now I haven’t seen any in well over a month and yes I’m logging a lot of attacks. I have had 7 defenses registered in the last 2 days.

I do think something has changed or is broken but not like I’m losing sleep over it.

Where ever would you spend those missing 20 rubies lol.

I get 3 rubies for the first successful defense of the day i thought?

Maybe i’ll take a closer look at this


I would estimate I have had probably 20-30 defenses conservatively without any rubies. I have become a little obsessive about checking for rubies now.

It is such an unrewarded part of the game. They should give 10-20. And bring back an effective water dragon benefit.

The rewards for successful defenses compared to what you actually expend to defend your base is laughable. I’d love to see rubies handed out a lot more frequently but I can already imagine people gaming the system attacking friends in other teams back and forth constantly to farm them.

It would be great for the game to return (keyword - not reward) all items spent defending, IF defense was succesful. That’s the only way current “reward” holds any value.

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Agreed. Would definitely make sense. Not sure if that is codeable without having more issues then.

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You only get a Max of 3 rubies a day from defenses if you’re not defending live. You can get more if you are actively defending during the attack but otherwise you only get 3. I think it would be nice if that was increased (it would help me level up my chest base which gets attacked 40+ times a minute during minor events, those rubies would be really nice lol). I think PG should really take a look at successful defenses and reward them a little more.

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