3 things we like about War Dragons

On my team we have a something I call three things. Tell me three things about yourself that we may not know or tell me three things you like, etc. Since there has been a lot of negativity about the game lately, tell me 3 things you LIKE about War Dragons.

  1. The social aspect of team and league chat;

  2. Hatching a new lineage dragon that can solo my invader after one or two levels;

  3. Being attacked and giving away all my food and watching the attacker fly away with almost 1m in wood. :smirk:

  1. Absolutely! The people make the game more than the actual gameplay.

  2. I am but a measly 96 without Atlas, so I wouldn’t know.

  3. This seems like a loss. I can’t even hold that much yet. It boggles my mind.

1.the teamwork involved in wars
2. The people I’ve met
3. Destroying stuff

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1)my team for sure!
2)my hauheset(love you darlin!)
3)thé artwork of all the dragons in the game

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  1. Dragons.
  2. Teamwork
  3. All damage is temporary, no dragons die either.
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  1. Hauheset
  2. Teammates
  3. Intense Wars
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  1. Sharing of ideas/knowledge/strategies
  2. Possuming
  3. Optimizations that can be had if you put in planning

Defending my base and supershots on the kill island :joy:
Flying Destar

  1. Beating higher levels attacking my base while defending
  2. Flying Spindra my fav
  3. Getting new and exciting dragons in the seasons
  1. War
  2. War
  3. War
    Honorable Mention - you guessed it… the whale. Oh, and War
  1. Fun
  2. Trick
  3. Pride
  1. It’s a great time killer while sitting on the porcelain throne.
  2. It’s a game my woman and I both enjoy playing together (she hates my base and complains my team defends too much, my team is awesome :grin: )
  3. The community is incredibly helpful and generous with their information, it’s truly a pleasure to play with these people.
  1. Attacking huge bases, winning, and checking the logs the next day to see how many revenged.

  2. Winning a defensive war.

  3. That nervous anticipation when you launch a megacoin against a strong base and you are waiting to see if any defenders join.

  1. The bugs
  2. The glitches
  3. Downed servers
  1. The people I have met.
  2. The art work is amazing
  3. Pixxel but she’s gone so I guess I only have 2 :man_shrugging:t3:
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  1. The many like-minded people I’ve had the privilege to strategize and work together with for wars and Atlas conquests and general conversations.
  2. The beautiful dragon designs and animation thereof
  3. The basic game concept.
  1. The People: Teammates, former teammates, and other acquaintances.

  2. The Planning: I love to strategize, and this game has so many different layers of strategy. Season Planning, Breeding Planning, Event Strategy, War Strategy, Base Design, Base Destruction, and the list goes on…

  3. The Thrill (no “P” word for this one): It hard to top feeling of successfully navigating a kill island full of towers that will one-shot my dragon, outplaying a defender on a tough base, making a great save when backing a teammate, or crushing a powerful attacker with a stalwart defense. On the reverse side, there is nothing quite like the moment when I accidentally shoot a sanded tower, instantly shifting the balance from impending victory to looming defeat, or when I back a teammate and pick the wrong dragon in the heat of the moment, or choose an “easy” war target for a wave, only to have an epic fail.

Maybe that was a bit wordy :thinking:, but there really is still a lot to like about the game.

  1. ROFL stomping on a defended base 100 levels higher than me
  2. Seeing Kinn or EQ when I join a defence [or in other words watching my base ROFL stomping on 3 emerald dragons]
  3. Working with my team to ROFL stomp on anybody who wants a piece of us.

Yes I like ROFL stomping…:man_shrugging:

  1. Memes
  2. Hunters
  3. War :smiling_imp:
  1. killing bases
  2. killing dragons
  3. killing dreams (of hopeful farmers :eyes:)

:-p what can I say, it’s stress relief.