3 wars at a same time on one team


I found a vdo https://youtu.be/Du0uiROdA4o.
DN won three wars know. Hats off . How they managed the defences and won ? Eager to know , if it’s wrong plz excuse me .


It can happen… my old team had 7 at once.


Likewise we have had 10 wars at once a week while back… bullies


Nothing exciting. :wink:


Same here. Asked PG about. They said it was the way if the world, which I’ve accepted.
Who said it; “what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger”? Nietsche maybe. DEFINITELY true for our team!


The amazing thing isn’t the 3 at a time. It is the waves that happened and other teams jumping into the waves that aren’t even warring Dread at that time. This is why they’re the best. Not money but skill and teamwork.


lol. so their Bases were for free?

a maxed base is over 50k $ atm


Dreadnought is the best team! Of course they won😁


Dread>NMO>BWAB>All other teams


Guess royal road now leading BWAB ?



Haha I remember that. MonstersDesert had like 30+ people banned for cheating too later. That didn’t really stop NMO and Royal from working with them :joy::joy::joy:


I could be wrong but I think he’s saying that other teams spend money too but he is highlighting a difference in his opinion. We also have better fliers if that makes you feel better. :man_shrugging:


I said regarding events and royal road comes to 4th position from below .


i never doubt that u have great fliers. you arent #1 without a reason


Account sharing so they can have twice as many people defending than they actually have online helps too. Lol


How can something that is not online defend?

We also cheated so badly that two leaders left and wouldnt be associated with us…oh wait no, that was NMO. Btw, remember when Odin went into LC and said he had not logged on in weeks and yet his war got done…weird.

I love how the fact almost all of MonstersDesert getting banned just gets glossed over…ahhh, good times haha.


Did I strike a nerve? Lol


A lack of intelligence always does, I can’t help it :smiley:


Come on you must have a better come back than that.