3 wars at a same time on one team


I save the good stuff for those that can at least be competitive, enjoy platinum :slight_smile:

The simple truths are always the best btw.


Yup I have no interest in being competitive anymore… this game isn’t worth it.


And yet here you are lol


What does me being here have anything to do with me no longer spending or having a desire to stay up late defending and pushing myself in events? I thought you just said you hate stupidity? Well don’t make stupid statements then.


If you can’t understand the context, I can’t help you. But, if you spent this amount of time and energy into helping your former team maybe they would not have had to carry you for so long. Simple time management really.


Right. Keep telling yourself that. Maybe you will start to believe it.


Basic understand of contribution metrics and mechanics, I know you weren’t big on those. At the end of the day, the results speak for themselves. There is a reason two leaders left, multiple bans handed out and the gap continues to grow. Or, they just “don’t care” yet still bring up the old days and hang around for something that isn’t worth it. Logic, I know…its rough.

A 313 with, at best, medicore flying abilty and likely little event contribution seems pretty unnecessary. But, good to know you are finally enjoying playing again. That is definitely a win there.


Since you love pointing out that you have NMO’s old leader now… ask her how I was.

But you are right. I’m mediocre flier. And I stopped spending. My usefulness to NMO would have run out eventually if I didn’t leave.


I imagine the response would be something like “Who is Mike?”. Don’t sell yourself short though, your usefulness ran out long before you left.


I am sure you imagine lots of things.


I do…like you guys being any kind of real competition, but let me dream. Way to edit the “our old leader” out. Dont be so cold, they need your support.


Who is former nmo leader in DN?


Seers. She left almost a year ago. Recently joined dread.


Everyone up there spends money


Another great topic about great gamplay getting off trac. Guess its time to close it


We weren’t off topic. He asked how. The answer is 1 of those teams wasn’t at war and Dread uses creative methods to maximize their ability to defend against 2 teams. Sure I love to criticize dread but they are good at what they do. They have some of the best bases, some good fliers and some very active members. There is a reason they are number 1.

I just don’t agree with their creative methods, or their general attitude.


Just what he thinks he knows. But he does however agree with working with teams that had people cheating to the point where the majority was banned. And doing it so blatantly that their own former leader doesn’t want to be associated with them. At the end of the day everyone has their own tolerances and views. Everyone will play how they want and we should all enjoy Atlas.


Lol I knew that last sentence would get a response out of you…


A lot like this one:

Yes Mike, the only reason I respond to something on the forums is because of something you said…of course.


I never said “only” reason :joy: