3 wars at a same time on one team


So by your brilliant logic…in the absence of that last sentence, I would not have responded. Lol, good one.


Are you saying you would have responded after the first part of that mail (where I actually complimented you guys?)


I guess we will never know. But shockingly I don’t think the “Reply” buttons functionality is dependent on anything you say. I mean…at the end of the day, three teams declared and waved together and lost, no matter how anyone tries to analyze or explain it, that is pretty sad.


2 teams in that video. The third just did waves to annoy you lol geeze get your facts straight.


lol sorry that was the other attempt, hard to keep them all straight. All the trash kind of piles up together and gets hard to sift through.


Well being the number one spreader of trash I thought you would have known better. But I guess you are forgiven.


Mike reminds me of that guy who “retires” but everyday still somehow shows up in the break room for lunch haha.


Stepped back would be more accurate than “retire”.


:flushed: Wow. At least ya’ll aren’t cursing each other out.

Interesting how the diamond players and teams know each other so well. Maybe someday meaningful frenemy relationships will develop. If Peyton Manning and Tom Brady can be good friends … it is possible. :rose:


I agree except both of those worked hard at their game. If people put this much effort into playing the game their team might not always lose to us, just saying.


Naa as he points out I’m a low level Sapphire player (plat according to him). Although I’m a “mediocre flier at best” so i guess he likes me. That’s a compliment from him lol

One day we may be friends… right after peace on earth and the fountain of youth is discovered.

Ok in all fairness Panda is a good and dedicated player. He has a hate on for NMO though and acts like a bully and a troll. I can’t abide bullies and I tend to route for the underdog. So we naturally conflict.


Guys I eager to know ur experiences but u r fighting , my post made conflict among u. Sry all .


Lol not at all, that war is long done. That embarrassing effort is done and over with.


DN nice well structured and highly coordinated team than others ( from my guess). I normally check rankings and players info . Pvp events we can know who is first know from team ranking points . I normally check the points , DN comes as first in all pvp events , congrats to them . NMO second , 3-5 can’t be said but can find who is in that spots ( order can’t ) . Be cool all and don’t fight plz .


Fighting is what we do… this is calm for us :joy:

No worries your comments didn’t aggravate it.


Look at the one constant on the scoreboard for years. That is the answer to the original question. Of course they are not sharing how they do it, you don’t tell your enemies your winning strategy.

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Ahh, this brings back fond memories. Mike, Panda, and the way they’d express their love for the other. Poor dearly departed Panda. :sob:


Didn’t you see LX’s post? Panda lives in all of dread :joy:

And welcome back, Sam


:thinking: Still curious with possibility of 48 wars altogether…