30 day glory lock is bad

Right, ok, you’ve stopped people from jumping to tiny teams to pirate, which in the first place was circumventing the really shitty Atlas atmosphere that we have today.

You’ve fixed none of the underlying problems that made this loophole so popular, and on top of that you’re punishing players that legitimately want to switch teams. I have a guy on my team who just came from a diamond team; and he’s pretty demoralised about the glory he’s getting on our sapphire team. For 30 full days, despite him being on that diamond team just to ‘try it out’ for a week.

The team wasn’t to his taste, so he came back to sapphire…and currently enjoys really shitty glory for the people we attack. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of glory scaling with team power, if people are forced to stick with previous team power ranks for a month more?

You may have closed a loophole that players made use of, but it was only made use of because your atlas system is degenerate and really shitty, and really not fun. Pirating made it fun. Fix your problems, not control unintended loopholes with worse solutions.



Eh, i’d have this loophole over the previous one, still.

Wouldn’t exactly matter as the gp ratio will be back to normal after a month.

and if the person is actually intending to stay on the team, he will do so longer than a month, so… :man_shrugging:t2:

Why does he even need more gp anyway? He didn’t farm enough during the x2?

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So no one ever changes teams, ever?

I’m still fine with pirating, btw. Would much rather PG fix the issues that made it necessary in the first place like…cough gates cough or cough better defensive glory cough or even cough giant freaking alliances cough.

A month, btw, is 1/3 of a season. A pretty damn long time.

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…Your excuse for accepting a 30 day glory penalty is that people should already have made use of something that happened earlier in the season, which people may or may not have varied chances to make use of? ok

Implying if this persist, people will never change teams? (Justing asking b/c i did… with few of my acc’s.)

And that wasn’t an excuse. I’m genuinely curious if anyone actually need more gp at this pt after that double gp.

It would be a very big deterrent for me to keep playing if I quit my team, went to a gold team for a break, and then realised that my glory targets are still shitty for the rest of the month despite not having any of the support or benefits that a team of the corresponding power rank should be able to give me.

I mean, I guess it would make people who want to quit’s decisions more final.


Yes, actually. Not this guy in particular but a lot of people have yet to finish their seasons for assorted reasons.

I doubt u r actually taking a break in that scenario. :sweat_smile:


…Yes, actually. I do intend to quit after this season. I just won’t touch the game at all for 30 days in that case, even idly, since there’s 0 point in doing so.

In any case, the point is that 30 days is needlessly long and really quite dumb.


I do agree that it can be shorter(but at least to few weeks so not too short), but if it is between the old loophole vs long 1mo period… i’d still prefer the latter.

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steeples fingers

I’d really rather PG fix the game itself than close loopholes. I’m not really fine with the 30 day glory penalty. A week or so seems far more reasonable, and even then I’m ok with it to the extent that a more permanent fix should be in the works, instead of leaving it as a fixed issue. Because it’s not. You just closed a loophole and left people with no outlet to avoid things that are not-fun about Atlas.

It’s really not one or the other; it shouldn’t be about whether you’d rather have one or the other. It’s PG’s game. They can fix both. We’re honestly giving the devs too much leeway and encouraging them to think of their sandbox as a zero-sum game.

At some point you really have to ask yourself about excessive carrot removals and stick applications and if they really encourage people to play the game as intended or to just…stop.

Because Atlas isn’t fun as intended. It’s not even really that fun for pirates.


Like ive been saying… atlas shouldve been wd 2 instead :joy:

Eh… a Diamond guy sanbagging to saphire team. Yeah… we need to save him.

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I agree a month is too long in a game where you need regular activity to maintain our addiction, it may deter pirates but will definitely deter burnt out players.
I’ve even had players stress over switching teams where the gold and shard bonus doesnt reset correctly to the new team for over 48 hours. 7 days will seem like an eternity. 30 days is a life sentence.


rank 165 team on rank 90 getting 165 glory for 30days gonna be great lol :rofl: :heart_eyes:

It’s highest rank in last 30 days, so.

yea lol 165 rank when a 380 gives 80% glory its purty

It was an example.

Also, diamond teams occasionally don’t live up to the expectations of people who’ve been in Sapphire all their lives! It’s almost as though most of them are pretty shit and don’t deserve what they have.

It’s almost as though it’s unfair to blanket-define all players moving down the leagues as sandbaggers. Conversely, what if a smaller player wanted to try a bigger team and then decided it wasn’t for them, or that they’d bitten off more than they could choose? No way to rescind that decision?

What if people just prefer being on the smaller team? What if they’re busy irl and don’t want to hurt their team’s bottom line?

No, moving to a rank 90 team would get you rank 90 glory, because that’s the highest rank you’ve been for the past 30 days.

u can explain that to pg lmao because hitting a 200 rank atlas team is def giving my ass some good glory