30 day glory lock (?)

Quick question… is the 30 day glory lock from switching teams still in place? I’m a level 126 that accidentally went to a D2 team and now I’m back in P3 with all of my enemies as 50% glory… I just need to know if this is intentional, or if I have to send in a ticket :joy:

2 weeks lock now


Ah okay thanks.

Just 2 weeks left :sneezing_face::weary:

How do you accidentally go to a D2 team? :rofl:


Had an outgoing application to LethalDescent from before I got on a team (I thought applications deleted once you joined a team?) and I guess they needed fillers or something because there were like 4 other sub-300 players :man_shrugging: needless to say, I woke up and when I went to claim my tokens, I got a bunch! and I was kicked from all my LINE chats :rofl:


Oh wow lol.

it was fun for the three hours I was there :rofl:


I went from D1 to S3 at one point… those 30 days were horrible


yeah my team rank is mid 700s, and I came from mid 50s so literally every single one of our targets is
t e r r i b l e g l o r y

that is because me and my husband left!


Lol… sorry to hear that? I’m very curious but I don’t feel like invading your privacy :sweat_smile:

Curious! I hear there’s an S3 team that’s entirely capable of fighting the OP’s D2 team, not sure if there’s any proof of that, though!


I here there a pretty good team.


Stealing a team’s capital is definitely proof alright :rofl:

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Conquer, not steal. :robot: :mechanical_arm:


Synonyms :dancer:

Kudos though, very fun to watch the atlas action from afar :rofl:

But I’m sure they can’t live without the biggest whale as meatshield

Sometimes its good to have the biggest whale :weary:

And if they are the biggest whale, are they really the meatshield :thinking: food for thought

Idk if meatshield or no, but having lots of level 600+ taunters to protect and help conquer a castle is definitely the way to go

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By the way, back to topic.
If you want to compare between team, look at atlas team power, not the league they choose to stay.
So, I’ve just checked, LD team power is 50+++ AnD team power is 30+++
So technically AnD should not be coat tailing 10 D1 teams against A FEW D1/D2 teams and then proudly proclaim they conquer their castle, shame.

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