300 Progression Barrier Official Discussion Thread


Please discuss the 300 Progression Barrier changes coming to the game next week!

Breaking Down the 300 Progression Barrier
Dragons Den @ 319

Reserved for later in case people need help with the calculator and i want it to be on top so everyone can easily access the notes :slight_smile:

Calculator Main Page:
You can input 2 numbers into the blue cells (as per typical Mech fashion) and it will let you know what your new player level and XP to next level will be! It also shows you specifically for your exact data which buildings will be available for you to build up.
In this example i’ve chosen to show player L321 that is halfway through the level up (200k/400k) will become a player level 360!! This is also coincidentally the new level that is required for upgrading your incubator and castle to L13!!
So to recap, vanguards used to be L330. It is changed to a superficial player level 360 (sounds bad) but in reality it’s like decreasing it to L321 based on your overall XP earned in the game

Building Examples:
Cumulative XP is on the Y axis, you can see a substantial overall XP required drop off. So while the overall player level number has increased, the cumulative XP required has decreased (it’s lower)

Same with other buildings as well:


YAY! even though I haven’t read it yet.





Honestly the only words I can think of are “it’s about damn time”.


Err, when you’re bored could you (please) tell me if I like this?



This is looking like a solid approach to me, the “wall” definitely became much more of a gradual slope. Looking forward to getting to 300 now, instead of dreading it.


You probably should like it anyway since I imagine it will be Mech correcting the misconceptions of people who don’t understand the positive changes of this new leveling system :laughing:


Now is the time! *Martin Luther King voice


I might just cry, this is beautiful :sob::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::slight_smile:


I was mostly joking about asking him to tell me if I like it. Just a bit gun shy wondering if I am missing the “oh, by the way” (you are now weak compared to your level or something)


So if I’m reading it right…

  • Each level over 300 will be slightly progressively bigger than the previous one rather than making a mammoth jump… Kind of like pretty much every other game in existence.
  • Players over 300 will have their numerical level adjusted according to the new system.
  • Important unlocks (like incubator leveling) will come at a higher numerical level but lower overall XP total than previously.

Works for me.


Correct on all 3 accounts.


Having just reached 300 this fort event and decided I was done with the game (having seen no improvements on some of the most critical issues and feeling pretty strongly that there wouldn’t be any, any time soon), I’m almost in a state of disbelief and keep looking for the catch. Thank you to the GPF who I am certain did a lot of work on this, and to PG for finally, finally getting on this. :star_struck:


Can someone make an example of new level to hatch a tier / evolve please .


5 bucks says @Mechengg did 50-70% of the math on this lol


It is all in the download :slight_smile:
But i will post it above in the first post for ya


I’m starting to get why you renewed your elite.
Please tell me there are more good things incoming (without revealing what of course)


I knew it :heart::heart: The moment I saw your 365 elite post


thank u the best person in game , you deserve huge medals