300 Progression Barrier Official Discussion Thread


I Thanked him, So I was very polite. I owe him 3 xp runs now




I didnt say it isnt fair.
you didnt understand my point.

I said… Just look … from level 300 which is start for harbinger… to get at level 321(which will be later the new 360), you will be able to get vanguards… so that makes arround 8M XP you need for the next tier…

To be able to get the Empyrean tier, you will need to get from 321 to about 343(new 400) nearly…so 22 level for the actually system, which means arround 8,8M XP you need for the next tier…

So basically i said… IF they keep the tier after Empyrean… arround this range of 8-9M XP per tier… then its fair…
Otherwise its just a short help… and would cause later the same issues.


The announcement posted by @Arelyna shows the following table for the new XP requirements:

Player Level Previous XP Required to Reach Next Level New XP Required to Reach Next Level
300 100K 100K
310 400K 110.5K
320 400K 122K
330 400K 134.8K


However, based on Mechengg’s raw data, which also matches Sandberg’s dragon manager data for the “previous XP”, it seems like the last two columns show data for required XP from previous level instead of to next level.

Can you please confirm?

Anyway, if anyone is interested in the math, beyond level 300, the formula for the required XP seems to be:

Required_XP = exp(Player_Level * 0.00995 + 8.528)

(rounded to the nearest multiple of 100)


It’s the XP required to reach the level. It’s the way the tables have always been formatted, and I’ve had to use a -1 on both the fort planner and the calculator to get around the odd formatting issue that everyone puts the list in.

Hope that helps explain a wee bit better


I think what LX460 said about gear and runes/glyphs is totally on point. If your dragon can kill the highest towers in the game than the level of the player, (either attacking or being attacked) doesn’t matter.


I agreed with your points and that why PG now realised most top players spend lots of money and this game become one of the most expensive game to play if you want to be in for a very long time otherwise call off


Noting that I’ve seen this and am asking. Will edit once I have a response.

Update: Both of these caps will be mapped to what the old caps (as in right now) were. So the old 333 will still apply to someone when they hit level 333 after this change.


Currently dragon XP cap flattens out at 387. Now that tons more players will be past 387, will this be going up?


I think I agree with what you are saying here.

This is potentially a band-aid for the current state of the game. However, if new tiers end up requiring a substantially higher level than the latest tiers, we will have the same problem - just at a different game stage.

IMO, similar to the discounted egg breeding costs. The solution was good, but if it is not a ‘rolling’ solution (or the discount does not move tiers as new tiers are released), it was just a band-aid solution, and the same walls will pop up - just at later leveling points in the game.

PG should apply a forward thinking solution to these topics and stop acting only when there is so much disdain for the product.





Spoiler Alert:



Dumb question time. A lot of talk about what it will mean, but you kmow it really would help if we knew WHEN. Exactly. PG must know when they will be switching off the game, so share this with their user base. We aren’t (all) three year olds. Some of us even find it helpful to plan what we do,

A time in any time zone would be a great help.

All the best


Let’s see if we’ll still be able to say that about ourselves after the outage :see_no_evil:


Worse than when Atlas goes down for 24 hours haha


Someone start an apology gift speculation thread when its down for more than 24 hours? :slight_smile:

BTW. I’ve planned ahead and have hard back copies of “The Fractal Price” and “The Causal Angel” on hand and ready.


Around 1:30pm PT tomorrow.


I’ll go with Infinite Jest


We need to be thankful for something then nothing.

Pg did good with this upcoming update tomorrow,
I say this is just the beginning of good things coming from Pg.

We need to be patient that all :blush:


Will you be having a downtime stream to keep us entertained while twiddling our thumbs? :blush: