300 Progression Barrier Official Discussion Thread


Thank you for your work :smiley:


I just hope theirs nothing to spoil, I hate feeding so close to fortification as most upgrade their storage at that point to save timers where they can, feeding should precede the next fortification event after a PvP… it should go like this…this week PvP, then breeding, then PvP, then feeding, then forti, then PvP.


so another 12 hours before the update? I can not resist :exploding_head:


Several days of thinking and still cant understand the euphoria about this change.

  1. The Wall wasnt eliminated as a concept - it was just shifted to ~lvl 440 and will be reached very fast by the most of active players.And the new Wall perception is gonna be more dramatic, cuz the Wall will be higher. The next wave of complains is gonna be here in 3 months, imho.
  2. We’ve got very strange 13% and 17% exp discount on Vanguard and Emp tiers availability, while defence power progression cost (towers lvling reqs) is still the same. This means further global attack power imbalance vs defence power. This is a strike to the back of all very active players and spenders.
  3. All top spenders are being set up by this change, cuz they dont get any benefit at all. Im sure PG is gonna do something about it. Another package of pay to win goodies? Like +10 to lvl cap of the towers for the next building event? Another OP second mythic? A new tier of the Atlas gear for the next season? Or something new? Or…may be nothig unussual and…(read the bottom - Helicopter view).

So, all those who are now touched by this change and got optimistic will get upset again quite soon. My personal estimation - in 3 months.

Helicopter view: PG is shifting and crowding the active player base at higher lvls to increase the level of competiton and to increase intensity of collisions. Why? Answer by yourself :slight_smile:


No. The wall does get eliminated. What’s left is Infinity Mountain, which get steeper the higher you go.


This isn’t correct, the builder hut also gets a reduction in total xp req which means you can correspondingly build towers earlier than you currently can.


It’s almost as if the game thrives on competition…


I agree that, although its still a curve on a graph, it will feel like a wall - and therefore this is a temporary or only partially implemented solution. Perhaps as the majority approach the curve where it looks like a vertical line, they will kick the can a little further down the road, or they will scale tower XP, or a combination thereof. Either way, 3 months is a pretty aggressive estimate. I’d say a year or so at least before people who are in the low 300’s (before the change) will start hitting the new nearly vertical line in the curve.


Haha :joy: I will cry with you Curly…so happy :laughing:


This seems like the most viable solution, towers past 75 giving increasing xp again. Kinda hope they’re planning to do that.


Let me tell you this…

Are you tired of lv 400’s( An your lv is 325 & below) & up hitting you in atlas fully aware you can’t attack them back cause there base will wreck you.

So there basically getting free easy glory Attacking smaller players, then attacking there same current lv opponents.

With this update it will give lv 330+ & up a lot of levels an 3-5 dragon den lv’s along with it. So they will get stronger dragons( from lv’ing there dragon dens & right after feed there dragons) & on top of that get early access to end game Content.

Is that a bad thing? Really?..

More players will have vanguard dragons & can finally stand a “ chance” against higher lv players in game & in atlas.


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Just as a clarification, we will also be updating the level requirements on defensive towers / perches in accordance with the changes in storage level requirements already outlined.


As long as you already have the necessary Eggs as well to progress the hut…


You can breed earlier and obtain backbreed eggs earlier now :smiley:


Kinda neat how the incubator levels are reduced right? And breeding is before next fort? Means I get to incubate my vanguards and get 69 towers next fort.


There was no perfect solution, but I think PG did a very solid job with this. However, I hope that this trend continues when future dragon tiers and tower levels come out (meaning, please don’t have ridiculously large gaps between tiers).


Then push through, full throttle to Empyrian :grin:


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