300 Progression Barrier Official Discussion Thread


:crazy_face:great. looking forward to the good news


I’m having withdrawal symptoms already :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Should you begin to experience uncontrollable shakes, relax. Everything WILL be fine. Take a deep breath and hold it for 5-10 seconds, then exhale slowly. Not too slowly or you may pass out from oxygen deprivation. That would solve the shaking problem, though.


I’m probably gonna click through ever single level up message and smile


I am gonna do just that ! I don’t want to experience errors if I close during the leveling and then not be able to get in game.


I’m just waiting for the “the game won’t open for me” threads on the forum :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


twitch twitch


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I hope not !


Not done yet


This should have been an off topic thread as well.


“Relatable” :joy:


More like… “experienced”. :joy::joy:
If this one goes smooth, it would be the first time in a long time. And I pray for it to be just it. We had in the last years 3 floodings that could happen only 1 in 1000 years… maybe PG made it right now ! It is time, IMHO.


Im told to go to forum, btw ive screenshoting all of i have before it down. Just precaution


Wtf is this garbage?! My game is closed and I can’t get in! How am I supposed to train my troops with the Atlas elite I just got!? You know some of us go to school and don’t have time to play all day! What a waste of time and money! You’ll be hearing from my lawyers very soon Pocket Gems. /shameful


All I know after this update is implemented in game, don’t be surprised if there’s no Rss out there the first hour or so…


The previous leveling design existed of two plateaus, the first at level 300 where XP per level jumped by a factor of four, and the second at level 500, where the XP per level doubled again (x8 over level 299 values, x2 over level 499 values). After level 500, the XP per level was on a nonlinear curve similar to what it is now.

So what actually happened was they removed the sheer face that made the two walls, and put the whole of XP gain on that same nonlinear curve. Yes, it’s going to feel terrible going from level 440 to 441. But level 500 to 501 was worse, and will still be worse.

I think that this solution is a good solution to increase availability and access to the top tier of dragons to a broader array of people. I don’t think it’s an overall perfect situation, because the cost in timers (and therefore money) to level towers is still ludicrously high.

For the last year and a bit, the highest tiers of the game have been reserved for only those who were spending a colossal amount of money. I don’t think that’s a healthy overall business model - if the stuff you’re releasing is only available to the super-wealthy, the pool of people willing to pay those costs is eventually going to dwindle due to burnout, frustration, and/or boredom. If this change makes it easier for people to get from Obsidian to Harbinger, and Harbinger to Vanguard, and subsequently from Vanguard to Empyrean, they’re just opening the door to more players - still people willing to either grind spend quite a bit, but maybe not the cost of an entire car.

The other thing they could have done, back before they released Harbinger, was not be stupidly rigid about the formula they’re using to determine hut/incubater/den levels. But they went this way. I’m glad they did.


Main Game is back. Atlas will remain down for the next few hours.


“Thanks Mech it actually worked and you weren’t a total doofus this time”



Anyone else unable to open the event (or in this case “result” screen? Mine just stays stuck loading at 0%.

Edit: Nevermind, I guess 5th time was the charm


Hopefully just lag but levels are not showing correctly