300 Progression Barrier Official Discussion Thread


21,673 is not 22,200 :joy:

:+1::clap: we’ll give it to ya though, nice work Mech.


600 xp off, bro. Start over and do it right this time :sunglasses:


Same problem with matchmaking @Arelyna - not showing updated levels.


Asking about it now. Will update as soon as I have more info.

Update: this is likely just lag. Should update in a few mins


Double check Atlas team also please as this will impact more in Atlas…


Suck it the both of you :rofl:

But in the grand scheme of things i didn’t know the granularity of my before figure so it could have well been off by exactly that amount :slight_smile: (read 159k in game, so could be ± 499 each way right)


Lol guess assumed since 22.2K has a tenth place 159K would have also, but both are 3 digits so maybe not.

Again, your calcs usually come out :clap:.







Was super satisfying clicking through all those levels :joy::rofl:


The Steps in experience per lvl were percepted as wall bcz of high reqs for lvl up.
Check my user experience as an example: ive got through 300-400 with 400k exp per lvl up. After this building i was 403 and the next lvl up req was still 400k. Till 500 lvl.
After update ive got 463 lvl and 400+ exp per lvl up req. Its the new lil wall for me :slight_smile:

Those who were around 300 before the change and were not happy with the 400k exp per lvl calling it The Wall are now released, but only till 430+lvl where they will meet the same req and wont be maxed. They will feel the same pain again like bcz of The Wall.


Still incorrect

Also, a teammate said if you defend yourself, you see your old level.


I was 275 before the change… somehow I think I’ll still be 275 after the change :joy:


Competition is always a matter of ballancing regulations. Now we see how PG creates the situation which will stimulate ppl to spend more :slight_smile:


Nah, I said that 300 is wall because it’s a huge jump from constant 100k to constant 400k.
What happened above is a steep mountain.

p.s. I didn’t say that the steep slope is easier to climb than the wall. In fact there is a point where the steep slope is way harder to climb than the wall.


But it also gets easier after as well, following slightly under the previous curve :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up. The server will take some time to catch up to itself.



Something s wrong with the ressources, if you try to hunt them.
I attacked many times where much was shown, and still shown, but i got much less then that … like 20% as i checked last time in my bookmarks.


FWIW, regarding the xp scaling. Even though I will see almost no benefit, I’m glad to see this is getting addressed. However, there’s still a massive wall. If you look at the posted graph…

and extend that curve, it’s going to get EXTREMELY steep.

IMO the point at 600 on the graph should probably be at about the 1M mark with everything smoothly curving up to that. That provides a more realistic growth curve for some time.

I don’t think it would be wise to double everyone’s level based on that because it wouldn’t solve the problem. The internal game mechanics would need to change to deal with a level 600 at 1M instead of 2M.


Welcome to high level life. You need more food than ever and get less than ever.