300 Progression Barrier Official Discussion Thread


The sarcasm is strong with this one.


That is not what i ask for… If that enemy , whatever high level he is, shows me 200k… i expect that right ?
and if after my attack, there is 180k shown, there is a issue …

Afterall i attacked guys 100-200 above my level too sometimes… and same result.


What I say everyone :joy:

The first hour or so don’t be surprised there’s no Rss :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We need to start a Purge :flushed: there’s not enough rss for everyone :joy: who’s in?


You may not have been the only person that attacked. Lots of hits going on right now, everyone needs food and lumber.


The vertical asymptote is where PG draws the line and says “nobody should go upper than this”. I guess they should move the asymptote once there is a tier that is too close

Edit: and once you passed the minimum levels for the last tier of dragons, what’s the deal with levels anyway? As long as you have your towers maxed, shouldn’t mean too much right? At a fixed level you start to get 100% glory regardless of levels in Atlas.


Its surely not that, i see my bookmarks for example… attacked while 277k… got 56k… and after it , it shows still 245k … i hope that make it clear what i meant.

idk if there is a issue in calculation or because not all entered the game yet.


It might be because everyone is hunting rss like crazy atm, so someone else probably attacked him right before you did. So it’s not registering or keeping up do to the fast paste attacks coming back & forth :man_shrugging:t2:


Just store tower n restart


Yeah, it reminds me of the start of fort or feed right now to some extent.


I wonder if it its that… yea people maybe hunt now more after new Den levels… Somehow it was weird to see so many fails … and that view issues :x


Atlas is back up. PvP will remain disabled until 5pm PT.


Amen So true



Are you guys going to live stream this week & give “Us” some details for next season?
(Just out of curiosity)


Will the display glitches be fixed? Or is this something we have to live with?
This is a ss of the same 2 players hitting each other simultaneously.
Attack screen also shows preupdate level—only on some players. Lol


It’s a big/glitch atm, I seen that happen to a teammate of mine he got attacked 10 times but he didn’t lose a single troop.


Ya, teammates getting “stuck” in atlas attacks. Cannot move primes, cannot attsck or defend.


I see you are someone who may not follow the War Dragons social channels… hint hint :eyes:


Don’t we have a very helpful person on every stream channel?


I must see!!!

Sorry I don’t go on Facebook :sweat_smile: waste of time for me unless it’s about upcoming news :joy:


So basically this is what you woke up to after the changes;

Previous levels:
< Level 100 player - not much has changed but you have more hope now.
Level 100-200 player - you have some decent dragons to play with.
Level 200-300 player - you can level up faster
Level 300-380 player - you almost have access to every dragon out there
Level 390-450 player - you can now max out dragons in all tiers and have reached God like status.
Level 450+ — thank you for your money over the years, but you just got royally screwed. enjoy your level 50-75 trebuchets, archers and other useless garbage you have in storage since there is no way to recycle them.

So basically this was just a way to appease the masses while screwing the rich via inflation. Welcome to Communism in the digital age lol

I hope they don’t really intend to screw the top guys and will actually give them a mechanism to recycle their old towers so all the hard earned money and time they spent has value. Speaking as someone who spent a lot and was maybe in the top 1% but not top 0.1%+ …I can now get max empyrean legendary without having put too much into the system… but I’m sad because I know one day everything will be re-scaled again and I’ll be screwed, just like all the bigger guys above me did in this update. It’s only a matter of time. So now that I have max dragons and no way recycle and see my base slowly decline in usefullness, the incentive to invest more is totally gone.