300 Progression Barrier Official Discussion Thread


Lv 450+ players got some lv’s not much but they got some lv’s from today update…

They still got end game content before anyone else, this update was to help with the lv 300+ struggle to lv up & keep up with end game content.

There bases are the best in the game that’s where a good %’s Of there money went into. Even after the update no one will have end game dragons “yet”


So let me ask, because right now I am in a state of COMPLETE frustration after being forced 30 levels higher. Now, I am still eggblocked so I cant raise my farms. At thebsame time I am still stuck with dragons that are to low dor my level. I was almost at a point where it looked like I would start catching up, only to be pushed way to far ahead in character level. PG has really screwed me over with this change imo. I’m wondering how many others this is happening with now as well.


What they got was a punch in the gut. What was an exclusive club for top dragons is now open to probably 10x or 100x or whatever number of people who spent WAY less. So all those previously level 450+ players got was watered down value.

The wall is still there. It has not changed, only been re-scaled. People will soon be crying about the 400 or 450 or 500 wall or whatever. Then things will be re-scaled again and the inflation will keep screwing the very top top players. Their bases will be garbage compared to bases 200 levels lower because they will be able to build top towers with much less investment. This update doesn’t screw me personally because I was on the cusp, but if I was a little higher, I’d be extremely pissed off. So my rate of building and spending will be WAY less moving forward. Those above me, just got jacked.


The lv 450+ were the highest lv for 3+ years no one could touch them “if” your below lv 360, only same Relevant lv’s can Attack them.

This update helped everyone out from the small to the big, yes some more then others but they still got something.

After the update who ever was lv 330+ & up got a big jump on lv’s so they can feed there dragons an get stronger to help there team out more in wars & in atlas.

So to me it kind of help the “little” guys take on some of the big fish’s in atlas from the big fish always feeding upon the little ones.

So it kind of evens out in a way :man_shrugging:t2:


At the risk of sounding stupid and asking the dumb question, did they enter the information properly?

BOTH the level and XP to next level are important


YES – that’s my point.

No not really. Top guys didn’t get better dragons. They didn’t get new value for their old towers, they didn’t get anything except maybe a few extra meaningless levels. So nothing evened out. It’s straight up communism, steal from the rich and give to the poor. When countries do that, foreigners stop inventing in their economy because they fear their investment will lose value. It’s no different in this game as well. The value to invest has just rapidly declined for the top players.


The top players have the new tier of dragons once they get released :man_shrugging:t2:

That’s the benefits for end game content, they get it first before anyone.

Yea from today update Players will get end game content sooner then later, once they actually catch up there will be other tier out most likely or not. So the top players will still get new content first.


Seems pg doesn’t know what utc is.


Isn’t that 5pm ? :man_shrugging:t2:
Usually events starts around 4-5 pm for me.


Okay, so for now let’s assume you were in the 315ish range (that would give approx 30 levels i think?).

Sounds good, not a lot of people got the ability to upgrade their farms. So don’t sweat it. L345 is no longer the same as L345 was before. It’s completely different.

Your dragons will be actually BETTER than your level. Forget about what your dragons were vs your old level. Forget about it. The calculator should have told you that you are now able to receive ~3 den levels if i’m not mistaken. Therefore your dragons are technically better than before.

Keep in mind that if you hit a L315 prior to this change, then hit that same L345 base after the change (your same level) they didn’t get any stronger at all. It’s just a value change. So hitting actual bases are identical (yes invader are tougher, but thats another point).

You are further ahead. And they unlocked new den levels that pushed you further into end game territory. FORGET ABOUT NEW LEVEL VS OLD LEVEL. Forget it, forget it existed. You have a new set of data to compare it against.

Say you and 10 of your friends were all L315 before. They are all L345 now with identical bases, and better dragons. You can defeat them more easily, due to you having higher level dragons.

Your base can’t be upgraded at L330 anymore, that requirement went up, as indicated by the charts. It went up about 85% of the new player level scaled amount.

No idea why you are getting so upset about this, it actually works in your favor if you stop walking around with blinders on and only looking at player level.


How is everyone enjoying their invader bases lol


That’s the true question everyone is missing :joy:
Mine jump from lv 55 to lv 60’s :joy:



The servers didn’t melt. (The game still crashes, but no more than usual.)

I was able to do Harb evolve, still working towards Vans.

Yes, my Invader got a wee bit harder, but not by much.

Good job :+1:


Has there been any discussions on reducing the construction times on the towers/buildings?


More balance game and everyone get to play even Surt die easily now LOL


Not too bad actually. And now getting 1.2M xp per run before multis and elite :slight_smile:


Yeah if they didn’t change my “200,000” to their actual required amount by clicking on their XP bar, then there is definitely a possibility that they could be up to 2 levels ± what they had estimated.


Jonsey is right on this one. My level, and the difficulty of my invader base increased significantly. As a trade off, I’m guessing my max xp also increased dramatically, so splitting a base that dragons used to handle solo may not be so bad. Still, it certainly came as quite a shock the first time a dragon who used to cruise through my level 340 base suddenly dropped like a rock on the first island of my new, 403 base.

This is going to take some getting used to…


I have a problem. It was supposed that at level 310 my lair was going up to level 62 and at level 315 it was going up to 63. But now it puts me that I have to be level 320 to climb the lair at level 62 …

They changed the level of the den? Or is it an error?

These are the levels of the den.


There is one thing i do not understand from all this update: the lvl 350 should have been kept for 100% glory. But as i see in game now, this is not the case. That was the only thing higher level players were getting out of this.
Did i understood wrong? What is the new glory scale ?