300 Progression Barrier Official Discussion Thread


The increase in the invader base levels is horrible- you leveled up bases artificially but dragon levels are the same. Dragons that could solo now can’t even get half.


The level requirements for buildings went up but less than the decrease in XP required per level, as detailed in the original post.


ah… increased from 350 to 400…


Tried a few Atlas attacks on lvl 400+. Game showed 100% glory when attacking, in the attack screen the player lvl was under 400 (old level probably) and the glory was very very bad, like hitting a 50% glory target.

Anyone noticed that ?


This was :loudspeaker:


Psst, language flag disappeared from ‘Preferred language’ box in profile viewing.
Not a dramatic change but you still lost it somewhere after update :smile:

Unless this was intended…


The problem is Sandberg hasn’t updated his site :rofl:


I went past 330 and was only able to level my den once & my divines once.
So yeah this isn’t all that accurate.


Was den requirements and everything changed with this update?

Dragon manager site shows things way off then what it really takes?


Dragon Manager hasn’t been updated. Check Player info for proof.


Ok so den levels and other stuff required did change with the new levels?


Yes. However, it’s lower than what it should be (still higher that current requirement)


What’s the new level to expert Harb divines? Any idea?


lol really :roll_eyes:


At 396 Den reaches 80 and at 400 they will proceed to Vanguard.


I was lv 331 before today update after the update I was 379. On top of that I got 5 dragon dens, so I upgraded my dragon den & feed my dragons right after. :sunglasses::muscle:t2:


Thought this was going to make it easier for us that hadn’t hit level 300 yet but looking at the new level requirements for buildings it is just as bad as if pg would have left it alone.


Why would it make it easier on people prior to the wall with XP requirements per level that are consistent?


Thanks PG, awesome update well executed, tokens have regained the relevance they deserve by the look of things. (will wait for mechs fort planner to know for sure).

I hope this is repeated as a future method of coping with new dragon tiers as they emerge, it’s a great way to deal with keeping end game wall in an end game position.


Mech’s fort planner is updated :heart_eyes: