300 Progression Barrier Official Discussion Thread


Leveling prior to 300 is already fairly easy, to the point that a lot of people way over level themselves compared to their breeding. The biggest issue there is the amount of speed ups available vs amount needed per building. Nothing level or xp wise needed to change pre 300. What needs to change is the amount of items per gold chest drop


I realize that it’s still early yet, but so far I am very pleased with these L300 Progression Barrier improvements. I had somehow managed to get to L335 before the improvements were implemented. My level jumped to L387. This jump unlocked 5 Den upgrades, 2 Storage upgrades and 1 Builder Hut upgrade. So far, I have completed:

All 5 Den upgrades which unlocked 1 level on my Divine Dragons (DONE) and several levels on my Vanguard dragons.

Completed my Builder Hut upgrade as I already had the Harbinger eggs that I needed to upgrade it to L41. This unlocked multiple upgrades for my farms/mills and towers.

In regard to my now L387 Invader base in Atlas, the towers jumped from L53 to L61. I was fortunate in that I have always tried to maintain a balance between my building and breeding to keep dragons as strong as possible for my level. All of the dragons in my roster can solo my new Invader base. Do they solo as easliy as they did before? No. I now have to actually “fly” them a bit but they make it just fine. For reference, I have 4 Lineage Vanguard dragons and will finish Jormun’s egg next breed event. It does make it a bit harder for lower-level teammates to follow me though.

As mentioned previously in this thread, I can see where these 300 Progression Improvements may make it tougher on those folks that had leveled far ahead of their dragons. For those folks that were in the L320’s before these improvements, that only had Legendary Obsidian Lineage dragons, and are now in the L370-L375 level range (or higher) they may now have an even tougher time soloing their Invader bases.

Speaking only for myself, I am thankful to PG for implementing these improvements. It will still take work and proper planning in order to continue progression, but goals are much more attainable now. Thank you PG! @Arelyna @Crisis Please pass along my appreciation. Looks like I get to renew my Elite for another year when it comes up soon :wink::+1:

A special THANK YOU! to @mechengg for all his efforts with the calculator, information, Fort Planner, etc. Mech, you have been a tremendous help with this transition! :grin::beers:

Thanks in advance to @Sandberg for all the work he has ahead of him with updating DRAGON MANAGER.

Finally, a humble “Thank You” to everyone else (too many to mention) that has helped ALL of us here with advice and information regarding not only this but everything else you help us with. :wink::+1::beers:


Before people critism about this… i tell you what it meant overall…

It is not a disadvantage for all , or bigger player…
What was made, was a reduction at the beginning of the 300th until 400++ where all player got that XP as bonus who already build up for…

So instead of 400k every level, the level grew up as the curve showed us… but as totall it isnt the same, there are reductions for all players, so a bonus.
To be fair, the requirement for level increased too , as for buildings… That didnt changed…
You only had at start a bonus XP in M … so because of that bonus your progression was stronger than the requirement adaptation for buildings and dragons.

So the question is not, that people at level 400 was able to breed last tier of the game… the question is about, how will the “next steps” be… Will the progression still be 9M XP per tier for example… or will it be much higher , thats what people fear for example…

Ofc that reduction and a few extralevels helped people to get more den level… that logical isnt it.
But that doesnt mean people who had not the chance, now can wrack bases…
As a level 330 i was able to hunt 400-500 down with special dragons… as i am able to with 460-520++ now. Its just a number that was changed… bases wasnt taken up instantly…

Just that bonus of xp which all people got fairly ( afterall the 301 wall wasnt well made), people was able to gain something a few level earlier.

And if we want talk about the advantages for higher level player… now ressources are easier or more to get from the “newer levels” , and in atlas it means probably more 100% XP , where mostly it wasnt.
A disadvantage and sametime a advantage is the invader base aswell… in my case it was from level 52 to 59… “DOUBLE HARD”,… but nearly double XP :slight_smile: … Sadly only a few actually stand a good chance versus, but that issue all people will have…


too late now but they mentioned if you swiped the game closed you wouldn’t have to.

Good practice for opening chests and such.



Looks like you are far from 400+ lvls. This update is the strike to the back for 400+ lvls. Those lazy ppl and non spenders were freed to get very high strike power with significantly less effort than those 400+ lvls. PGs know that very well. I think they have a plan for this issue. But as always it will cost us alot of bucks.
Another view: alot of cheaters are gone today. We have limited presence of them. And they were able to get top tier drags etc fast and troll/stimulate avangard of the legal players, including insane spenders :slight_smile: Non spenders and casual spenders or grinders were not able to create the same competiton and began churning. Those who didnt churn were complaining all the time. And tops has got less preasure to spend. Alot of them has decreased spendings. Some of them (d1 top guildmates) even called ppl not to spend. Actually, top guys are now able to develop their accs quite fast using League and Atlas reqular boosts, rewards. And PG has decided to make a cheat for that crowd near The Wall… Leagal boost for their development is here. Signinficant discount for top tier dragons and faster base development. PGs say: attoo those tops! take them, let them suffer more :wink: Make them pay more for the new upcomming goodies :sunglasses:


I just wanted to add my thank you to PG for fixing a significant issue in the game and doing so without discounting all the work that I had put into getting where I was.

I am very hopeful now that other issues will continue to be addressed for instance making tower xp scale with level/effort required to build the bigger towers but after years of being 300 this was a very significant change for me personally so thanks so much to PG and mech and all the other players that helped to make this happen.


This update has been horrible, since it was not released immediately at the beginning of fortification I now will have to wait roughly 2 months to upgrade my incubator and I have been currently bottle necked by my incubator for 2 months resulting in a cureent total of 632k egg fragments and about 300 egg fragments if i remember right. This uprade has also greatly reduced the amount of glory earned. For anyone getting close to 300, you can now look forward to not being as strong as you could have been.


Not sure if this is a happy coincidence but I was actually able to boost my towers in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks if it was something which was fixed in the last 14 days or so!


I would suggest that you never wait for an event to do upgrades that significantly improve your ability to help your team. Same with feeding I never wait to feed dragons that I will use in war.


Why do you have to wait two months to upgrade your incubator? I don’t understand. I was able to upgrade my den, builder, castle and incubator sooner than I would have been able to, not later. Maybe something is wrong?


How is being unable to spend $30,000 on a mobile game lazy?

How is actively grinding through pvp events vs spamming mega quits at the last second lazy?

How is relying on skillful flying instead of facerolling with Oni lazy?

How is a ~13% reduction on minimum requirements significantly less effort? It’s still a lot of timers. It’s not like Bob the level 300 can magically jump to max empyrean in a month now. Get over yourself.

Nothing they spent on was devalued. Their bases are just as strong as before. Their dragons are just as strong as before.


You mean those not rich enough to drop $20k or more on a mobile game? K.

…as well as a lot of spenders of less ridiculous quantities. Also grinders.

…and those who put forth the “effort” (money) got to enjoy the content for longer. They’re also better positioned to take advantage of new content when it’s released.

How is it a “cheat”? The earned xp is exactly the same, only now the levels better reflect how much xp you’ve actually earned instead of crowding them together on a *4 platform.

Another view: this is the system that should have been in place from the beginning. The caps have been stretched to where they should have been from the beginning. The only thing PG can’t really change is the tower levels you could have unlocked earlier, because they can’t know which towers you would have built to which levels.


Was a miscopy from a previous mail that had UTC rather than PT. Sorry for the confusion.

Yes, your max XP was increased by a significant amount.

The 100% glory level shifted to now be level 400.

Will do :slight_smile:


I always feed my dragons and was bottle necked by not being able to upgrade my incubator because i needed to be at level 330. Have been working towards 330 when PG announced the 300+ upgrade when at that time I had used the majority of my timers and now I need to raise my storage hut 6 levels, plus still upgrade my incubator, I am now at a level 362. If PG had announced the upgrade at the beginning of fortification I would have been able to focus on storage hut and incubator but was working on the 330 level.


Is there any plan to increase rubies amount per pack this year?


Why can’t you just be grateful that you now get more den upgrades with less levelling? Why are you blaming PG for releasing a fix at the “wrong time” for you subjectively? This update benefited the game and the majority of its players, but you used all your timers prior to the update. That’s not PG’s fault, nor can they adjust this update to specifically meet the desires of every single player who had a slightly different experience.

I dunno man, this community just has to be the most “me, me, me” centered one I’ve ever seen.


I hear what you’re saying. What I can offer you is this:

It would have taken you THOUSANDS of days of timers to get from 330 to 340 (let alone 362) so you still made out.

Also, as I posted a month or so ago when I hit 330, I mentioned that everyone should make sure they save enough timers for castle, incubator, storage, any eggs they need to hatch, plus the fact that you really should have targeted 331 not 330.

So either way you play it, I think it’s fair to say you’re ahead of where you would have been without these changes, so maybe be thankful? Or not, your call.


I just wish PG would have told us about this a little sooner. Had they done so, I would have focused my timers on my storage hut instead trying to reach level 330 and I would be incubating my Vanguard dragons. But now I need to wait about another month for the next building event and I can do nothing with the upcoming breeding event so now I will lose points there as well. If PG would lower the wood requirement to upgrade the incubator I think it would be a fair fix for those who were caught in the middle. Between 300 and the level 330 required to upgrade the incubator. O


Yeah, I know, and to a point I agree. They did tell us before the event was over though and that saved me some timers.

Also would have been nice from my perspective to have a feeding event this week (queue the pitchforks and torches) since we have uncapped dragons to feed.

We still have a choice but I do remember they are the ones holding all the cards and they are trying to monetize (since they are in business) this as best they can.


As a player I completely understand the frustration this can cause. It feels like a low blow and a money grab. However, consider an alternative perspective:

It’s the week of Fortification. The 300 wall scaling is not quite set as engineers tweak the code to handle as many edge cases as they can think of and prepare to field requests for change for the ones they can’t. They’re also working to minimize downtime because they know the servers must go offline for the upgrades.

If it’s ready in time for this Fort, they’ll have to hope for no major errors ahead of an event where everyone wants to start IMMEDIATELY to maximize rss. If it’s not ready in time, but they announce it ahead of time, many people are inclined to save money and rss and PG shoots themselves in the foot.


They wait to announce it ahead of next month’s Fort, knowing that players are tired of waiting for any good news and churn is increasing, and hope they don’t bleed too much while they sit on the announcement for the sake of timing.

Food for thought.