300 Progression Barrier Official Discussion Thread


Ur storage regardless should be close so really ur leveling u save timers so next fort gain the storage :roll_eyes: u was gonna have to burn the timers anyways


"How is being unable to spend $30,000 on a mobile game lazy?

How is actively grinding through pvp events vs spamming mega quits at the last second lazy?

How is relying on skillful flying instead of facerolling with Oni lazy?

How is a ~13% reduction on minimum requirements significantly less effort? It’s still a lot of timers. It’s not like Bob the level 300 can magically jump to max empyrean in a month now. Get over yourself."

Check this: Imm1226 a lil bit upper says: “but after years of being 300 this was a very significant change for me personally so thanks so much to PG”. This is brilliant example of being lazy. Whatta hell he was doing for about a year\years? I swear The Wall wasnt so freaking high. I was running two accs and the secondary one was just on elite. No packs (30k bucks? woot?), always running super atacks during pvp event (megas? mega quits!? woot?), running harbringer Axi, Pathox, Cavaleris (vanguards? just able to breed but not to heat). No spending in Atlas as well, but very often fully completed events. No big gear, just several elites in 4 legendary sets, the most items are at lvl 6-7. Etc etc. Alot of hard work and discipline. Thats all. Aaand I’ve lvled this acc from 300 to 323 in 4 months. Just 4 building events. In S1 guild with just 1 lvl4 castle in Atlas. I know alot of lazy ppl who dont focus on development and play absolutely casual. They dont want to work, but always complain and blame spenders. Those spenders are keeping up PG alot and rarely complain while spending freaking summs for this buggy, laggy and unballanced content, And now they have a suuurpiiise peep peep!

Nothing they spent on was devalued. Their bases are just as strong as before. Their dragons are just as strong as before. …and now they are gonna get much more competitors running vanguard mythics and empi legendaries of the new seasons, which are able to tear their so strong bases. Dont you know that 2 vang myths (Itzy + any other one) of 5-6bill power each are able to beat any current base in the game? Defended! This is the ballance. Thats why i wonder why PG makes this global ingame ballance even more in favor of Dragons while base building costs are much much higher.


How is it a “cheat”? The earned xp is exactly the same, only now the levels better reflect how much xp you’ve actually earned instead of crowding them together on a *4 platform.

Lower lvlup requirements mean less effort, less time and money. Isnt it obvious? Its like “cheat”. A soft one.

Yes the lvling system was broken. But they didnt change it dramatically. They have made adjustment. Local adjustment in terms of lvl range and long term player base development. Its not well ballanced for the whole scope of players. PG never use wholistic approach in their game design process. Its obvious. The most of those ppl who are high about the fix theese days will become upset quite soon. Just check it and wait :slight_smile:


I agree they need to earn a little money and I have paid for a few things; however, to be bottle necked for 2 months as already on my dragon progression and now will have to wait another 2 months and loose out on the next breeding event which will have discounted items is a hard pill to swallow. Unless something is done to correct some of this issue I will be resorted to not opening any chest or paying any money for the upcoming season so in the end PG will loose out, and they can see how much I have spent on the game in the past.


Curious why this is bottlenecking your progress?
If you weren’t 330 you wouldn’t be able to incubate your vanguards previously right? And now you can.


People should consider too, that now the old 343 is the 100% glory border… where it was before later.
This bonus XP is for all people a up. Its not like lower people get extras alone… all get.


You mean like all the end game fliers were so upset when they introduced tier scaling?

It helped overall progression and they got over it.

They paid for early access and they got it. Then others got a catch-up mechanic. Guess what? Payers and hardcore grinders still got Empyrean before the rest.


Because PG did not tell us enough in advance about the 300+ upgrade I was trying to get to the 330 during the fortification event. Had I known about it more in advance I would have upgraded my storage hut to have enough resources to upgrade it. Currently I would need to upgrade my hut not 6 or 7 times to be able to hold enough wood for the upgrade. But again, by the time I was informed most of my timers were spent. I was only able to upgrade my storage hut 1 time after I found out, and I am 12 levels above what I would need to be as a result. Its all screwed up


End-game content is not supposed to be exclusive. Harder to get to, definitely. Money certainly smooths the path, and if you pay WD instead of your mortgage you can certainly have end-game content before anyone else. But it’s not exclusive, people will eventually get there as well through more moderate spending or heavy grinding. This elitist attitude that you only deserve to progress if you pay a ludicrous amount of money is just that; elitist and subsequently delusional.

No one “got screwed” by this update. If end-game folks are mad that more people can now access end-game as well, then all I can say is go cry about it. If they’re mad that they now have more competition to contend with, then I suggest finding another game to play that does not center upon competition as this game does.


A rule of thumb, always upgrade your storage ! During and between the build events !
You being in a bottle neck looks to me that you put yourself in the situation you are now by yourself. PG announced already that they are looking and are preparing something to solve the “300 level wall”. Months ago ! I hope you are not the type of person that needs to be told to breathe in - breathe out to stay alive. I also think that you should speed up your castle or whatever is for you now a bottleneck, because in the long run you’ll win more than waiting for 2 months. But again, people do whatever they want…


I still can not upgrade my incubator because my storage hut can not hold enough resources to do so. It would have been upgraded enough to do so if I had known soon enough about the 300+ upgrade. Instead all my timers were used to try and get to level 330. PG did not tell us soon enough in the building event and by the time I did know, all my timers had been used.


I was not aware of the 300+ upgrade until PG announced it during the fortification event. Before that time I was just trying to get to level 330, the first requirement in unlocking the incubator upgrade.


You understand that casual != lazy… right?

You also know that a significant portion of the player base raising concerns about the 300 wall are both spenders and grinders on some of the top/most competitive teams in the game… right?

Also, you know you’re not factoring in those who could have progressed further, but chose to stop spending and/or play less aggressively because the 300 wall is a significant metric by which people measure the value of both their time and their money, and the rate of progression wasn’t worth either to them… right?

You disagree with the benefit of the changes, fine. This is the place to discuss it.

But maybe stop running your mouth about the “lazy” players about whom you know absolutely nothing.


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So, you would rather hold back your progression, than “waste” 190k fort event points???



Dude. New level 360 (old level 321) unlocks incubator and Den - much faster than the old level 330 don’t you think? :man_facepalming:

Oh God -just read through all your other subsequent posts…I’ll just keep my mouth shut now because you won’t like what’s going on in my head…


So levels are just something that is associated with the amount of total player xp you have. Let’s say 10 mil xp is a level 400. Now they’re calling 10 mil xp a level 450 (not exact, just an example). You still paid for that 10 mil xp and everyone else is going to have to put in the same amount of effort (whether it be time or money) to get to that 10 mil xp. So you didn’t lose anything from this happening, if anything, you’re more prepared for the next tier that comes out.
It’s also not accurate to think of other people getting “free” levels. They also put in the work to get to that player xp, and they’ll be at that xp before and after the change.


:rofl: Good luck with that. If you took a cursory look at the TOS you’d see that PG reserves the right to alter the game and your account as they see fit.

As for thinking you got screwed… I don’t know what level you are, but if it’s in the 300 range then you just got a huge favor. Maybe check your reading comprehension before you write your lawyer?


This is just like before when hitting a 349 not on a level 4 or 5 castle. It’s a MASSIVE drop instead of a smooth curve. IMO, it should curve.