300 Progression Barrier Official Discussion Thread


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516 Thanks , before they dropped my defense levels during an event designed to Improve my Base


Did you change your rider or have a tower still upgrading? Did your boost expire? Did you sync your base to the server? Many many many reasons for your def power to drop temporarily but the 300+ change was not one of them.

Please keep your comments constructive. Thanks


I took screenshots, Iam told it is a Glitch, soon to be resolved. We will see.


Defense numbers are hilariously unreliable and only vaguely represent the strength of your base.

Kinda like how, after lvl 300, your level didn’t really accurately reflect your relative strength. Now they fixed it. :man_shrugging:t3:


@Arelyna @Crisis

I am confused. My new level is 374 which allows me to breed Vanguard dragons (360 needed) and allows my den to be leveled to 74. My current divine dragons are Harbinger, still 3 levels from the Vanguard evolution.

In order to go up one more level on my divine dragons, I need to upgrade my Den to level 77. I am still 3 upgrades from that and I need to be level 378 for Den 75, 386 for den 77.

Shouldnt I be able to evolve my divines to Vanguard once I am able to breed Vanguard? Why is there a delay? Is this an accidental oversight or was this purposefully done?

Thanks for the changes, I appreciate the teams hard work.


You’ve never been able to access a seasonal evolution as soon as you are able to breed that tier. Harbingers were breedable at 300 but evo wasn’t until 315. It’s by design, nothing is incorrect about your predicament.


I think the issue you’ll find is not that you cannot evolve a tier as soon as you’ve bred it - that is common across all tiers (the latter ones anyway).

The issue is that the Den gap is actually mid harb which I don’t know why it had been designed that way. Basically the dragon’s power is capped at player level 363 and only uncaps at player level 386. So you have 23 levels of stagnant dragon power. It does take a big jump at 386, but why do that when you could have spread out power in the Harb levels more evenly between level 300 and 386? Mystery to me.


I think the main problem is that divines only have 60 levels, it makes it hard to spread out the levels evenly. I don’t know why they don’t just add more levels to divines with each new tier though. Could have a level for every den level from hatching to expert, theres no real reason to limit it to 60 AFAIK


Never is incorrect. I am an old player. It used to be your dragons evolution was capped by breeding. Ie: You couldn’t evolve to that tier until you bred a dragon of that tier. Then, the next step was either 2 dragons of that tier or a Mythic of that tier.

It must have changed while I was on hiatus. Thanks for the info.


Well, if your player level is high enough you actually will hit the “x number of legendandaries (or mythics) to train this dragon” if you are lagging behind on your breeding.

But for players who have been agressive with sticking to their breeding paths and are flying dragons much higher tier than other typical players of their level range, they’re more likely to be held back by their base level.


What I meant is you always unlock the ability to breed dragons of a tier before you unlock the ability to upgrade your divines to that tier. You even said it yourself. It’s consistent all the way down to like purple. That did not change with this update.


Imagine when there’s 63 tiers in the game and every divine just needs an evo stone for each level instead of food.


If you would have paid attention, I mentioned that by the time PG came out with the update during the last fortification event I had just spent all my timers and was finished with the event. Not easy to come up with enough timers to upgrade storage hut 6 or 7 times.


Got that right. Obsidians since early 200’s and just got 280 and still divines obsidian and locked.


So you have let your storage get behind many levels. Sounds like that’s the issue, you probably only unlocked 1 or 2 storage levels with your upgrade


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No, I didnt say that. Please dont put words in my mouth. It used to be, to unlock the evolution, you needed to breed a dragon of the appropriate tier. Once the dragon was bred, you could evolve the divine to that tier. This is years ago I’m talking about.


You do realise that having to evolve a dragon is a handicap, and not a bonus right?

At level 320, an obsidian divine still has more power than the Harbinger line dragons. The fact that you don’t have to evolve it yet just means you still get to enjoy the power appropriate for your level even if you are behind on breeding.


IIRC I had obsidians since around lvl 186 or so? Maybe a bit higher than that? But I had to pack on the levels in order to get high enough to evolve Necryx into obsidian tier :laughing: