300 Progression Barrier Official Discussion Thread


This update made the overleveled players now big time overleveled easy targets🙉 480 mit 53s was the biggest fail i saw so far🤦‍♂️


News flash. You still have these requirements.
They have just adjusted the actual values a bit so that you are almost guaranteed to have the dragons at the den levels that the dragon evolutions are required at. If you haven’t reached the requirements, then you have gone too far with your breeding, which used to be the case all the time. People were all over leveled.

(fun fact, i’ve only ever seen 1 of those screens that says “you must have X dragon to evolve”) :wink:


Was it in green tier? I only had that one, and one recently when I was level 220 before breeding obsidians (it changed to “upgrade your den to 46” once I had the dragon).


Are you saying you’ve been playing for years as a means to suggest that I may not know what I’m talking about due to being less experienced? Or to suggest that this is the way things have historically been? I’ve got Sigurd btw. Which was the first evolving divine. So I’m familiar with how it works.

There is both a level (den) requirement and a breeding requirement when you evolve divines. Not one or the other. Both. The breeding requirement, to the best of my knowledge, has always been completable before the den requirement, though it may not always happen that way.


Maybe just to let you know they are not a noob? Everything doesn’t have to be confrontational.


I realize this is way off topic, but :sob::sob::sob:

I have enough tokens to get through Plat and start sapphire next breeding event, so it won’t last long, but still… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sure, but they mentioned it twice in 2 replies. It’s why I asked. I also never suggested they were noob or uninformed. I’d rather not be cudgeled with “I’ve been playing longer than you so I remember and know more.”

They also specifically mentioned how divine evos worked many years ago which is coincidentally the same way it’s done now. I too, remember how things were back then.



You have Surt, but have yet to breed Plat.

That’s a feat, right there. You should get achievement points or something.

+1 GamerScore.


I’m in Plat (I have Mune), but I had to be level 102 to breed legendary Plat, which I reached during fort. So I was stuck. As for Surt, I live in Atlas and I’m a grinder. I have no life and spend hours a day in game. :joy:

Anywho, back to the topic which I know nothing about being a lowly level 108. Lol


I hear you and I can’t speak for the intent nor tone (which is difficult to convey via type at times). Just offering a thought that it could be a third option or even fourth that I didn’t think of.

Being Switzerland minus the money in the bank…


To get to Vanguard I needed to be level 330, so that was my first hurdle and so I focused on that. I did not know of the upgrade until it was released mid building event. Had the release been done before hand I would have had enough timers to upgrade my storage hut enough to upgrade my incubator. Due to the upgrade I am now 30 levels over where I need to be.


Had this been released before, someone else would have been in the identical position that you are in right now.

I feel for you. But nobody can time the rollout perfectly to ensure that absolutely everybody has the information way before hand.


I kinda disagree with the notion, especially when you consider the level of a player. The 300 Wall often meant you were breeding dragons well before you hatch them. This will still be the case for those that are above 340(ish).


I think i worded that incorrectly/weirdly.

What i meant is that if you haven’t bred 2 legendary obsidian dragons by L260, you are behind. If you haven’t bred 1 mythic obsidian by L295 you are behind.


I think the question more lies when you have bred a mythic harbringer but still can’t level your divine past the first level of harbringer. It may be correct, but it gives the impression that the level of your divine is arbitrarily restricted due to level.


And this is why it was called “300 level wall”. Because what was known to be true before harbingers, was no longer true. Before the harbs, you had an Obsidian, you could level your seasonal. After Obisidians, the Den level came into the picture… so instead of evolving to Harbingers when you had one, you had to wait to be 315 which was Den 63 or something like that, when you could have your Harbinger at level 300, Den 60. And each level was 400k XP where before it was 100k XP, and you needed 5 base level upgrades to get one Den level up. This change makes it easier for everyone to get their dragons stronger sooner. Good job PG ! :+1:


Technically Obsidian lineage dragons are available at level 186 and the evo isn’t until 226. But getting them at 186 requires an obscene amount of tokens to breed through 3 tiers between level 108 and 186, or hampered base growth so most people are 226 before/when they breed an Obsidian. Or at least pretty close. Harbinger was definitely terrible.


While I will agree it was a step in the right direction the scenario that I pointed at above is the one in which I find myself. I agree that my dragons are higher now, but the simple fact of the matter is that I will have my first mythic Harbringer and 3 other legendaries next breed event and will still be on the first level of harbringer with my seasonal dragons. The den caps are way more severe in the upper tiers than they were lower is the point. Before it was breeding that would limit you. Now it is leveling, yes better, but it is still there. Maybe this is just a residual effect from being slowed down after 300, but if that was the case the “wall” fix should have eliminated it.


I said I have been playing for years to indicate I was not discussing current requirements but the ones I remember. I too started prior to Sigurd (still one of my favourites). I dont call people down in forum, simply state where i am coming from. A lot has changed in the 6months-1yr break I took.

I’m not about confrontation or saying others dont know anything. Didnt really expect such a negative response. Wonder why I even came back to forums :thinking::thinking:


This had happened to me, prior to the change I was a level 355 with Pathox den capped at level 48 and not being able to level him again until den level 80 at 357. I have every vanguard dragon including all three mythics and was still unable to level pathox to vanguard tier. Now with the change and the reduced requirements that came with it my Pathox is a very happy level 59. So prior to the recent change there were some very strange level requirements that didn’t match up with what you could breed versus what you could level seasonal divines to.