300 Progression Barrier Official Discussion Thread


“They have just adjusted the actual values a bit so that you are almost guaranteed to have the dragons at the den levels that the dragon evolutions are required at.”

News flash. That was my question in the first place. Was this on purpose or an accidental mechanic? It has been adjusted. That’s all I needed to know. Thanks for making me feel welcome to ask questions in the forums.


Kharnyx thanks you as well @Crisis



Something is bugged with this new requirements, several people(3 separate people so far) have been able to use the harb evo stone at den 62 lvl 320, instead of the new lvl 330.
Anyone else seen heard this.


Den 62 is 320…


I know but harb stone is den 63 and 330


Wow awesome! I’m past that stage so can’t confirm :man_shrugging:


still only gives 125 points sadly… (as you know, I’m sure). There is a mismatch on the invite screen which I’m sure you noticed as well.


Humm…have fun here but maintain a balance.


My alt is 329 and cannot evolve to harb until it get to 330 and able to upgrade the Den again. So no early evolve on that account.