301 looking for new challenge


Language: English
Time Zone: UK
Played time: forever
Age Range: not a child , not a teen , not a pensioner
Elite Account?:this should not event matter
Dragon Roster Includes: too many to care
Highest Lineage Dragon: Obsidian

About: I am looking for a team of adults , must include activity and fun , should not have event minimum scoring system, don’t mind paying tax donations of weekly gold for atlas, must never had a team member banned for cheating , I hate cheats,

I will be very active, none drama, funny and always strive to improve myself, but apart from wars will never accept being forced to pay to play this game in any way shape or form,

Contact me in game because I hate these bloody forums

Level 301 with an alt of 265 .



PS : PG where is my iPhone and cuddly dodo toy , I never left the game I stayed loyal, come on share share .


:thinking: :joy:


B-but I thought you want a challenge?


Oh hush lol , I do but don’t want to be forced to play, PG already force us enough lol


:rofl: Fair enough.


yet you would want team achievement rewards? :thinking:
hope you understand the purpose of minimums :man_shrugging:


I776 is looking to replace an alt. We don’t have team minimum but we do have a very active team. All adults. Platinum 3.


This has been solved, thanks for all the mails


Ashes2Stone would love to have you and the alt. Platinum team usually in p1 and lots of good things going on …we do win the top lvl 9 or 10 quests every week which helps because everyone gets 1400 rubies. War waves, troop training and all the other fun stuff. Griffin9a2S in game and apply please.


More than welcome to join us at Redemption4all. Currently plat 3. Very fun and super active team. Find me ign or line at HebrewHitman




Thanks :crazy_face::smiley::blush: