31 years with my perfect match

I am going to just brag a bit.

In the last three years my wife has seen me die once and almost die three other times. Her strength and her beauty is truly unmatched. When I was on life support and machines were breathing for me, I was strapped and restrained, I would open my eyes for a moment and see her sitting there, I can’t describe the feeling but her strength became mine.

Last year we were told I probably had pancreatic cancer, which is terminal, we sat down and discussed my end of life decisions and what she will do with my life insurance. Strength!

31 YEARS married today! She has stayed by my side when I needed her most and she never wavered. Today she continues to be my strength and my true love.

THIS image I created to depict the reciprocating love a marriage should be.

War Dragon players have become family, thanks for letting me tell you of a truly great woman, my wife.


Congratulations, keep up the fight, and all the best to you and yours!


This was very touching, I wish the best for both of you and hope for the best :pray:


Happy anniversary!

Very sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Sounds like you are handling it with class and dignity - much better than most. That is also strength. Cheers to you, sir!


Congratulations! Being loved through sickness and health, knowing that you both are in it together … amazing!!! :rose::rose::rose:


Oh that’s amazing! Congratulations to you both. I love hearing couples that stay together. :heart:Congratulations on 31 years, hun


This is amazing congratulations


Lucky dude. If she was a rune, she’d be a mythic one.




It’s a beautiful testimony. I hope she gets to read this…
I also hope you consider looking into cannabis oil. I’ve heard that thing is pure magic (though it won’t be cheap). My friend’s dad was like brand new after 6 months of using it - cancer free.


Thats bs. Sorry to say. Cannabis oil will not cure cancer. Dont post stuff like that here. Thanks.


Precisely that… the best option at this point in time is to consider only what your doctor recommends and has been solidly proven to have results/any effect.

Charger I wish you and your wife the best and would just like to say I love that you still do your art and express yourself through that even while fighting this.


Actually, it has been hypothesized that THC has anti-cancer properties. People actually inhale more carcinogens when smoking marijuana vs. cigarettes because it is unfiltered, yet there hasn’t been any link established between marijuana and lung cancer. I am not saying it is a cure, but there are a lot of interesting studies on the subject.

Your wife sounds awesome. Best wishes to you two.

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To my knowledge it was first brought up as a scam by companies claiming that cannabis oil has effects on cancer to take advantage of people. There have been studies but nowhere near enough to prove anything (and the studies themselves seem to be relatively small scale).

Yes for sure it isn’t a be all end all cure, or else all the people who use it for dealing with chemo side effects would be cancer free. There is a possibility it helps though.

You can’t talk about scams when a daughter still has a father she can hug today. We can discuss this as much as we want to, the fact is… it worked.
Also, vaping CBD that is around 20-30% cannabis and consuming pure pressed can oil in its purest form are two totally different things. Nothing to with THC either, everything to do with the healing properties of the plant itself.

A late congratulations to you and your wife. This was such a sweet post. :heart:


Such a sweet story. True love does exist, I have found it myself and am so thankful I can say I’ve experienced something as amazing as it is. Congratulations to both you and your beautiful wife! :two_hearts: