35 Highly active members looking for Plat Team

Hi guys,

We are 35 highly active members looking to join a platinum team.
Our team was broken but we still want to move together.
We are levels 60-135 in QueensWeyr.
Please to anyone who can help us msg me! Thank you

@ModMat @TheRedDelilah @Psarus Can we get this moved to recruitment?

You basically want to merge with a quasi-established team, but your team will require said team to make a huge reduction to accommodate your required 70% of the team… It’s not impossible, but it is highly improbable.

I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but if you really want to keep all 35 together, you’ll most likely need to just build the team you have.


Moved to recruitment

Exactly. Merging 10 is hard enough already. Now you are asking for 35 spots in a new team. Very high chance that you can’t get any invites cause no one has 35 alts sitting in one team :see_no_evil:

Lol we just had 17 people and decided to make a new team. It’s well worth it. You get to establish yourselves and set your ground rules. And with as many as 35 it would be fun. Not to mention good luck finding a plat team willing to give up 35 spots at the drop of a hat lol.

OrderofDragoon can make room for at least 5-10 players if anyone is interested.

I can take 15 if it comes down to y’all having to split. We’re in Platinum 4 at the moment.

35?! With that many why not just start your own team and recruit 15 more?


If you all do end up splitting we at RageEternal have room for around 10.

Checkout HexLords we’re a platinum team give Hdnffmfjfnff a message we’d love to hear from you

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