35k ruby value pack

Is anyone else getting this offer?

yep, “looks like” they increased it from 27k to 35k

that’s the 4A and 4B value pack like we usually get every event

won’t 100% confirm it since it might be a visual bug. Hoping a “kind” soul purchase 1 and confirm it to us.

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Thank you!

Confirmed, 35k rubies


Great I really appreciate it :grin:

Good stuff PG, will be purchasing.

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@ModMat is this the new permanent or a limited

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Moderators are not PG employees - just moderate the forums. We are players like you

Stop it I can’t get into the game fast enough to confirm! :tada::confetti_ball::running_woman: I will be purchasing this very soon… if I have it

edit: I can confirm. I have it to Thank you PG :heart_eyes:

As Red wrote, I’m just a player… I usually say I’m not a spender… but this time :sweat_smile:


Sweet, thanks for the heads up. Didn’t really need the rubies but I can’t pass up a bargain…

Waits as pg updates it to 40k tomorrow


For clarity: I’m joking


Really??? Stop playing @Gox1201 be serious

edit: any conversation about PG giving rubies is serious

just dont get all entitled that you want your previous purchase to be exchange for the current one. Just be glad that it’s 35k now. Their experiment might have been “successful” to implement it now.

I haven’t purchased anything since that situation and I can say I’m very happy now

I purchased and can confirm that 35k rubies is indeed better than 27k :slight_smile:

I just want to know if this is a permanent change.


I threw the phone against the wall after the first line.

You owe me a new phone, Iphone X thanks. Any color is fine


The good news is you get 35,000 rubies, the bad is they will double the amount needed to purchase gold chests. :slight_smile:


The weird thing that is bothering me for a while now is that you can either buy 25k rubies now for the same price as you can buy 35k rubies+12 bronze/gold chest and some more timers. Woudnt it be more sense to increase the package for rubies to like 40k rubies instead of lower? Doesnt make any sense…

Even if you dont need all the other shit crap then still you get more rubies for your money then buying a pack.

and @pg please dont come with the nonsence that the other packages are discounts since they are not! They are here forever only the packages changes towards the events so please lookup the definition of discount.