3D Print of Dragons

Hello Guys,

I wanted to ask if there is a way to get the object files of the dragons to print, of course I am aware that there are copyright stories, of course they should be for private use only and not for sale.

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ohh I would love some 3d printed dragons from game :sunny:

@PGGalileo u might note this

Oh this is a neat idea. I’ll see what I can do!


You also can some cool stuff on thingiverse

the non-animated dragon must be available as a .stl or .obj file for printing. I will gladly take the files from all dragons. You have my email address :smile::smile::smile::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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Honestly? 3D print or whatever, I feel like there is potential in the dragons from this game for a lot more merchandising than we are currently seeing. I would absolutely love it if the WD store sold models or statuettes or what-have-you of some of the dragons themselves. As it is, all we really have are a few posters and T-shirts.

Maybe something like DnD miniatures? There are plenty of dragons and riders in this game I would buy in a heartbeat if they made something like that.


Like limited-edition merch figurines that could come with bonus in-game goodies? :eyes:


This is an amazing idea!

I agree!

Anything. I collect all kinds of figurines. I’d honestly be a lot more interested in that kind of physical merch than I’d be in buying anything in-game.

Withermoon series? I’d kill for figurines of Hyaku and Sho-groth. :grinning:


I asked this a long time ago (for Pathox), would be a nice present for my gf


I’d love to have so many of them! Zenko,Lockjaw and Morak would be awesome!

I’ve been wanting to ask this for as long as I can remember! :pleading_face: I love papercraft myself and I would absolutely love 3D models, also for personal, non commercial use.

3D printed Kinnara made me so envious when I was a little hatchling…

(Not mine, promo pics)


Models extracted from game files would probably be fine for papercraft

I have heard about file extraction but I only used it once for an item model almost impossible to find :see_no_evil: I was much younger then… Otherwise I use other people’s patterns.

Edit: I actually used it twice, I forgot :sweat_smile: and I edit my own patterns. I just don’t create models :laughing:

I’ve dabbled a bit in 3D modeling. I could probably adapt the game models for papercraft if we get the ok on it. Models for 3D print would be harder unless someone happens to know how to generate geometry from a texture :sweat_smile:

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We have already dealt with the available game files. A well-known who can also write line bot said that it is so easy to get nothing. the kinnaria model is cool but the fillsment is pressure. I am talking about resin printing where simply the density of the layers is higher and therefore the resolution better :sweat_smile:

Sry for Google english :sweat_smile::joy:

hey @pggalileo you could already achieve something. are there any ways to send the animated files to the dragons? p.s. thank you for the effort

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I am having the art lead look into this!