4.0 Update and Tower Balance Changes


Good day, Dragon Lords! The much anticipated 4.0 Update arrives today with Tower Balance Changes, a new Ice Flak Tower, and more! We've got lots to talk about for upcoming changes to the game, so let's get started!


Tower Balance Changes


This past December, we identified and fixed a bug that was artificially capping tower damage.  Without this cap it became clear that certain elemental towers and turrets had been scaled to be massively overpowered and were heavily imbalancing the game. In order to minimize changes to gameplay we intentionally (and temporarily) capped flak tower and turret power and began discussions with players on the best ways to improve the balance of these towers. Below is an outline of our updates to long-term balance improvements.


Note: The changes detailed in the graphs below are to demonstrate relative power changes by tower level. The exact numbers that players see in game may differ based on research, buffs, runes, etc. We are also adding the attack damage of a standard Archer Tower building for reference in these graphs. The Archer Tower building is not changing in this update.



Dark Flak



  • Adjusted normal attack damage curve.

  • Reduced supershot damage.



Design Intent:


  • The intended role of this tower is a heavy short range damage dealer with the ability to stun dragons.

  • However, the Dark Flak tower is dramatically outperforming other towers and the current optimal defense strategy is overly dependent on the performance of Dark Flak supershots.

  • The primary reason is that supershot and normal attack damage was scaling too much per level, which is what prompted the December damage cap on the regular attack damage.

  • After the change, the Dark Flak tower will still have highest tower DPS, however it will no longer have the extreme burst damage capability from the supershot.





Fire Flak




  • Adjusted normal attack damage curve.

  • Reduced supershot damage.


Design Intent:


  • The Fire Flak tower is intended to be a heavy damage dealer, similar to Dark Flak, but with longer range and more utility from the powerful supershot debuff and death explosion damage.

  • Like Dark Flak, the Fire Flak tower’s damage was also scaling incorrectly, resulting in the December damage cap when this bug was discovered.

  • After the change, the Fire Flak tower will still have the third highest tower damage per second, behind the Dark Flak tower and Fire Turret. The burst damage from the supershot will also be in line with other damage-dealing towers.





Fire Turret




  • Adjusted normal attack damage curve.


Design Intent:


  • Like both the Dark and Fire Flak, the Fire Turret is intended to be a heavy damage dealer.

  • However, as with the other two towers, the scaling issue resulted in an overpowered regular attack. Consequently, we have reduced the tower’s damage curve to more accurately meet the intended damage level for the tower.




Ice Turret




  • Adjusted normal attack damage curve.

  • Removed Damage Reduction debuff

  • Removed Attack Speed debuff

  • Increased Ammo Regen debuff

  • Supershot Shield now scales correctly to level 60.


Design Intent:


  • Ice Turret shielding value had previously capped at level 35 and will now scale all the way to level 60.

  • Regular attack damage curve adjusted relative to overall tower balance.

  • Debuff adjustments to improve playability.





Food and Lumber Production Buildings




  • Adjusted standard HP curve.


Design Intent:


  • Upon initially extending the max level for Production Buildings from level 50 to 60, our scaling calculations were incorrect. We have now adjusted these buildings’ HP curves to more reasonably match the HP curves of defensive buildings at each builder hut level.




4.0 Patch Notes


A full list of the 4.0 Patch Notes are available on our latest Forums thread. Here's some of the highlights from this list:


  • Fixed an issue where dragon remains cloaked even when explosive shield explodes in battle
  • Revamped the referrals feature making it easier to refer and play with your friends.
  • Revamped the attack invite banner based on the feedback mentioned in this thread.
  • Made some improvements to our notification system.
  • Added Settings menu to Atlas UI.



Ice Flak Tower


The Ice Flak Tower is our newly introduced tower to the game, and will be available alongside the 4.0 Update. More information on the Ice Flak Tower, including its stats and other useful numbers, will be available shortly on our blog. Stay tuned!


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I know PG hates hunters but dam, 2 towers specifically aimed at hunters?


Are you referring to the upcoming Ice Flak tower as well? If so, our team is reworking the way the Ice Flak tower will behave, and we’ll have more information in our blog post when it comes out later this evening. We are hoping these changes will address any concerns regarding Hunters! :slight_smile:


Can you address why all the debuffs for Ice Turrets have been specifically targeted at nerfing hunters?


Because they are taking down bases solo? :thinking:


Not all hunters can take down base solo. And even so, it needs skillful player as well.


Why targeting hunters?
Why nerf so much dark flak? What about us that spent to get those at the level that they are? What will be done? Just a “were sorry, were screwed up”?

No wonder no one trust your damn company BS

Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!

Maybe we have noctua to blame…


So should I have gone for a dirt cheap archer tower instead of a super expensive dark flak :thinking:


I don’t know if everyone realizes it yet, but they effectively halved your flak’s damage until you get a level 50 flak.
My level 45 flak is now a fricken pea shooter after losing 600k attack damage… wtf.


Maybe we have the lack of competent developers in PG


This game is going downhill fast. I think my break from it will be indefinite.


Hmmm…so my under lvl 30 flaks and turrets all took a hit to damage dealt. That’s like half my base and it was already easy to beat. :joy:


Previous values for dark flak (capped, uncapped, and Atlas):



Soooooo everyone with anything less than a level 50 Dark Flak is going to have a significantly REDUCED power flak now??!? We’ve all been waiting for the extra power that we paid for (above level 40) and now it turns out that we are getting reduced instead?!?
Am I reading this right??


What would happen to the posts if the changes were targeted at warriors? :face_with_monocle::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No one cares I guess cause warriors and sorcerers are not good atm


Warriors have too much health…lets decrease it lol


Well so much for my base being any good since it was dependent on the flak for damage :+1:. At least I can get a shiny new ice flak to make up for it…oh wait my embers went towards the dark flak :+1::+1:


That’s my point lol. But it’s gonna bring new life again. @Ragnar and @xXxAirForcexXx will still fly amazing with hunters, kicking it on top bases.

From my experience, many higher levels in higher leagues have a tendency to call lots of lower level complaints as whining. Now that this concerns them now. What would it be like?