4.0 Update and Tower Balance Changes



It is just a shame to see what this update has done to this game. So many people are quitting…it is very sad. And as much as I try to regain my own enthusiam for the game, I just can’t seem to get there.


I see what you’re trying to say here but it’s flawed. Apple wouldn’t reduce the price of their most recent model product, but they do reduce the cost of previous models, with the oldest becoming the most affordable. That’s what some people are asking for. With a percentage reduction in tier cost only the spenders would still be able to catch you, it’s just easier for the grinders to not fall so far behind.

My stance, I think either more backbreeds or egg token mission reworking would keep most people happy for the time being. I do believe too many players see breeding come to such a slowdown, and new tiers being released at a steady pace they find themselves put off and stop playing. Some people need to feel like they’re not too far behind when they play games, even knowing they won’t catch up, but seeing the financial cost puts a lot of people off.

PG will never be able to please all of their players though, as we’ve seen when they reduced research cost. And don’t forget people were complaining tiers were releasing too fast at one point, but when Obsidian’s were getting released there were a small number of players who complained they had nothing to breed and didn’t want to waste their egg tokens.


He means they are selling us recycled shit

Or idk what im talkimg about and just like to feel included.


A lot of players are giving notice and quitting the game. They’re disillusioned by ho PG just comes in and takes all that they’ve worked so hard for! Can’t say as I blame them. PG just showed how little they care and how easily they’ll take it all away. @PGCrisis @PGPulse @PGJared


For the new players. This was the state of 2016!


Lol @SilentOne if i could,

Im still able to use Tengu sometimes if i come across a certain layout in matchmaking. Same with fae. I used Spindra and Nec at gold and plat with hau to take fully maxed bases i think players can find a way…if they were smart enough to take whats necessary to get the job done.

Oh yeah im actually still using NS, got kayla on that mf


Try to understand what echo says here. This was shortly before garnet came out.

Some understand it and enjoy the game others trying to chase the rabbit and get frustrated more and more.

Again. You’re in the tier you can afford.


That it has been a player concern for a while doesn’t reduce the validity of the argument. It just means that enough people are still throwing money at the game that PG doesn’t have to change…

And, as for my poll… Regardless of the answers I get or if I get no one answer which leads to a specific conclusion, I prove an important point either way (just not the same one). If there is no agreement (or even something approaching agreement), I show just how difficult the situation is for PG and probably part of the reason no overhaul that is going to work has been implemented or even hinted at. If there is a majority for one “level” or another, what about a the other people?

I can scale back from any level with the same amount of difficulty. But if I scale back from 200, it won’t work for any value other than those close to 200. Of J scale back from 100, but then any it to 200, everything would have such large numbers as to be stupid… Think National debt of USA stupid. Numbers so big they are meaningless to most people. To scale up without end, the costs will get ever higher and the gains will get ever smaller (per dollar/hour/ruby).


Bail out. And i enjoy the discussion even as a ghost.


That’s the only problem here. Ppl like to have a gimmigimmiGIMMI!!!1!11!1 attitude.

If they would be content in the tier they can afford we wouldn’t have this conversation.

And if you don’t want to spend another 10gs you’ll likely won’t have endgame content either.

What’s wrong with accepting that and having fun where you are at? Tons of players in d1 are far away from end game content but still play and enjoy the game. :man_shrugging:t2:


I play and enjoy the game at my level. I consider that my favorite thing about leveling slowly is enjoying dragons as I get them. I’m not trying to sound like gimme gimme, I’m just thinking in terms of the overall longevity of a game that I really enjoy playing.


It is understandable to think that from your point of progression, however, it is not sustainable in the long term. I am giving PG a chance to change things up, I enjoy the people I play the game with so that is enough for now.

You aren’t seeing things from a new players point of view. What if you started today? Sure, you can get through the tiers more quickly than most as a spender, but still the goal posts are being moved further and further away.

It isn’t a matter of spender vs. non-spender…more an issue of old spender vs. new spender. If you want people to invest in the game, they need to feel that doing so will get them somewhere.


@pgEcho @PGPulse @PGEggToken

I think it’s time to give out some more backbreeds and to reduce costs of lv 40-50 towers like you did with lv 30-40 towers after you release lv 65 towers. Thanks.


I agree with all above issues but would still like to thank @PGCrisis and @Arelyna for keeping us posted after the wave of abuse they got but still remained professional ! Thanks again :grin::grin:


I think Echo’s explanation shows a lack of understanding of the game environment. I understand the reply was from a year ago, but it doesn’t sound like the environment has changed much. New tiers of dragons may seem like they don’t make the previous tier of dragons obsolete. Echo’s is correct that the dragons a lower level players has is still equal to other dragons owned by players around their same level.

However, that statement makes an assumption that lower level players are only playing against other players around their same level. The current state of the leagues shows that is not true. If teams were restricted to staying within a 5 - 10 level difference between each other, then I could see how a new tier would not upset the balance. However, no such restriction exists in the system. Instead, you end up with teams comprised of lower levels and higher levels with end game dragons in Gold tier leagues. So yes, introducing a new tier of dragons upsets the already unbalanced game even more.

Now, I’m not saying that leagues or teams should be restricted by level caps. I don’t think that’s going to be a feasible way to balance the game. My point, the game developers seem to think teams and leagues are naturally falling into groups of close levels, which just isn’t true. At least, that’s how I take Echo’s reply.


Wrong. I have a 100% non spender account who only buys elite and is a garnet owner.

This account has literally ZERO issues to raid and smash bases around his level or 100 levels higher.

I created that account back then to start and have more fun for times when I ran into the endgame wall with all dragons at expert level with billions of xp on them.

I know both sides and I play my alt with the same joy as my main.

That’s why I don’t understand how someone has issues at their level.


If he has an answer to this I may ask him for some lottery numbers.

Many people are content in the tier they’re at, many not. Unfortunately some believe Divines are the be all and end all, and only level the lineage dragons to breedable. I’m not sure I would enjoy playing if I done it that way, I would most likely be frustrated with only half a roster. But when low levels first encounter Divines they are powerful dragons, creating the opinion that no lineage dragons are worth levelling much.

I just realised I only have 3 Divines in my roster :confused: (I do have more I just don’t fly them because, well it’s Sage and Abraxxas lol)


I agree with the results this will accomplish, but it is treating a symptom rather than addressing the underlying problem.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter to me either way. I’ll either pick the level people agree to, pick a level I think is reasonable, go with infinite escalation (just to show Warlord that even as a billionaire, eventually he won’t be able to buy the next tier :rofl:), or not do anything. :man_shrugging:

(I am only teasing, mentioning your name. We do agree that people should play to have fun and not to “win” and that people should play at a level they can afford. This is why you have Harbinger and I’m still working on obsidian… But I think we’re both having fun.)

They are all fine with me. I wanted to look at a different aspect of the scaling, not the relative cost of tiers.


Having an alt along side of your top tier account isn’t the same as starting the game new today. The fact that you have an alt tells me that the vertical progression of the core game is boring.

Again, it should be expanded outward so you have more to do with your main account, rather than just increasing levels and adding new tiers as the primary way of adding new game content. Vertical progression is boring for you and not reasonable for new players.


I see your point. Having super high base level restrictions occurred firstly in obsidian emeralds were super low in comparison. Harbingers now need a lv 357 base to expert and following this route after two more tiers the cap will be 400+ to expert them. Maybe next tier already.

I think PG should stop to implement these harsh restrictions bc new dragons aren’t that expensive when you’re at the end of the relevant tier.

But bases are.