4.0 Update and Tower Balance Changes


Also… I was asking about tower level. And we’re taking about dragons… Which is fine, but not really where I was trying to go. I’m not a moderator in any sense, but I was trying to look at something different. :chart:

Edit: the Great Tower Nerf happened. It was mostly rolled back, but it was an attempt at something. That something is what I want to explore, what I want to show one possible solution (of several) for.

Dragons are related, obviously, since dragons kill towers… But this has been discussed I’m many other threads.

I wanted people’s opinions so in our show them numbers that might matter to them.bht maybe I asked the wrong question.

How strong should the strongest tower be? The unobtainium super flak at level XXXX… What should its damage be? Or do you think this question cannot be answered?

There is already a theoretical limit. Base level caps at 999. I think you need something like 13 billion experience to reach this level… So, at least in one regard, there is a tower level cap already.


Warlord while it’s true you play both sides you haven’t truly experienced the lesser side as you’ve already accomplished end game several times apparently. The game is totally different for those who have never gotten there and never will. It’s the same reason you created your alt account. To give you something to do while you’re at the end game wall. For some the sapphire/garnet wall can feel like the end game wall.

In reality the wall doesn’t seem to be too bad, but then again I’m a light to medium spender. I typically buy a pack every season, maybe two if I’m feeling froggy. This season I want neptus, so I’ve planned accordingly. So I truly don’t know how non spenders really feel. I do know if I had an alt account it would be fun and I wouldn’t spend but it still wouldn’t be the same as I would still have this account to have fun on with stronger drags and such. As for lineage dragons, I should have apophet during the March breeding event. I could have Jul as early as late summer but more than likely a little later than that. That would put me in garnet at 2 years and 3 months or so.

I would be far more content with the game if there was just more to do than events and acquiring tokens then leveling dragons. The game just needs more to it. The walls wouldn’t feel so bad then I think.


It is a hard question because there are many other factors to consider along with maximum tower level. You can’t make dragons stronger without making bases stronger and vice versa. It is all relevant to the direction of progression. Up vs. Out.

Need to determine that continuing progression on the current scale is a bad thing before we can discuss a fix for it.


Understood. As I said I spent $15-20k. That’s why I am where I am.

If I wouldn’t I would have the same problem. And then I would question myself if that’s the game I wanna play, or if I’ll start spending more or if I can’t alternative is to quit or to be content where I am.

I do agree that old trash shouldn’t cost the same as it was. But to determine what old trash is I’d need to have full facts (I.e. how many players are actively playing and then I’d need to put them in baskets where they are in game).

You can’t see anything from one perspective only.


Do yall know what the #1 priority and mission statement is for PG? It rhymes with $$$

Personally i feel i should be thanking the end gamers…they allow me to play for free.


I think for free to light spenders once you get to sapphire, getting one dragon each breeding event should be relatively easy for an active player who’s on every day

However in my opinion it’s not. You would be lucky to get a dragon every other breeding event


Yes it is… But looking at it all at once is very challenging. I was wanting to look at one facet to help simplify things a little. I want to do this on a spreadsheet, not a database. :grin:


…and someone who doesn’t spend the same shouldn’t be able to compete with you. However, someone who starts the game new today and spends that much should be able to get close. Also, someone who played as long as you but didn’t spend, should be at about the same level as someone who started new today and spent a ton.

That is balance in my eyes.


It’s only an example, I know you have other elements for consideration. It is unlikely there are more than 100k active accounts. Only PG has the true number, and I doubt they share.


I actually know a player who spent $12k and started in November and gets harbingers next breeding event. :man_shrugging:t2:

I had to walk through tons of dragons and useless broken stuff in these 3 years new players have an easy progression and back breeds.


Are they hiring? @Warlord


@Warlord Aren’t you concerned with PG’s blatant disregard for what players like yourself have coined by so easily taking away what you’ve worked so hard to attain?


Think of it as more opponents which = more fun


Sure I am but then this happens

Maxed „I win“ Harbinger Neptus, a harbinger warrior with summon warrior and a maxed moonfang. :joy::hugs:


Goes back to money cant buy skillz

Just sucks warlord spends and knows how to fly :expressionless: also, i honestly cant imagine anyone who knows how to fly while not knowing how to defend. Goes hand in hand, i would imagine if someone was only good at half then that meams they were only told what to do and not shown why or explained to properly.


Exactly. Even the vast majority will be toasted no matter what they bring. And we have lv 596 bases out there.

Maybe 3-4% out of the whole playerbase (50k+) can take advantage of those dragons Rest are cannon fodder vs defended good bases.

The skilled one assault event showed that pretty clearly. I think 50 were able to get close to max points.


I think this analogy works FOR the N-1 proposal.

Apple releases iPad Pro (Harbinger). It costs $2k. Next year (season), Apple releases iPad Pro 2. That costs $2.5K but iPad Pro, being outdated now, costs $1.5k. So on and so forth.

That’s how the game should allow for progression. N-1 all the way (kudos @EidolonRM for that proposal)


Is that not how its done?(already)

Also, im still using dragons i used for 3/4 of my entire time playing. This tells me that its possible to get the job done, the ability and precision would be tremendous but without a doubt possible none the less to be many steps down and still competing


I guess we’re talking about dragons. :man_shrugging:

That’s fine, just not where I was attempting to go on this particular thing.

And part of me knows it doesn’t matter. If I could somehow come up with a solution that made everyone happy and scaled forever, PG would probably do the opposite.


No they would ignore it in the first place lol.

The forum is for announcements and for discussing things.

If no action would have been taken outside this forum (FB, Apple refunds, negative app ratings) we would still be at the 4.0 horror update.