4.0 Update and Tower Balance Changes


I completely agree.

I didn’t mean opposite as an intentional choice. More as what would happen in the natural course.


I don’t know, you do the math.
1k x 30 > 15-20k.
If PG can convince 30 players to drop just 1K to reach where you are at right now with an absurd catch up mechanism, PG will do it.


The economics of freemium are pretty complicated… Consider the “team” reward… They are gradually making that final reward better and better. Not enough people are paying to get it. Yet. They will find that sweet spot eventually, and then probably gradually lower the reward as people get accustomed to “winning” it.


And then? Those players would reach endgame for 1k and next tier following your logic would cost them 100 bucks.

With that proposal to survive as a company they would need to kick out a new tier every week.

But I’m sure your reply was driven by


But you’re not alone. The majority here doesn’t understand how macroeconomics work. :joy::joy::joy:


The only gimme I want is atlas :eyes:

I want to start leveling my riders


When in doubt if you don’t like someone. Go into the game, find all their stuff and Hulk Smash. You will feel better.


Things lose value a number of ways. Being very common is one of them.

I am not concerned about personal benefit (maybe a little, but none of my arguments here benefit me at all). I’m concerned about game longevity. The current path cannot scale much further. Dragons are so much cheaper than towers (but both are expensive) So, eventually, as the requirements for dragons get higher and higher (higher level, higher den, etc), the difference between the top 1% and everyone else will become extremely large.

I guess that’s ok, but it will lead to the death of the game.

Some say people have said that before, and people have. But we’re on the hockey stick part of the curve now… Those who said it earlier were not wrong, they just didn’t know how much the game could withstand. It won’t matter soon. No more than three more tiers under the current system following approximately the same curve, and the whole thing collapses.

Try it. Project towers for another 15 levels. Or use all previous tiers to project the next three (in cost and in strength). See where that takes you.

Very, very few people can afford to spend 15k in 3 months. on a game. And of those who can afford it, not many will chose to do so.

My intent is not to take away anything from end-game players. My proposals help them too.

But it doesn’t really matter. This was mostly a mental exercise to see what people would be interested to see. Things are pretty evenly split right now.


I agree. They need to scale price game wide. Not just scale down from the top. Or at the very least don’t increase price/cost. Which I assume is coming :man_shrugging: I would have liked to see an increase in team prizing and a move away from individual. Since that is the hardest thing to achieve and really can’t be bought. Teamwork and skill.


In Altas? Yes, the Hulk Smash method is a good way to show people you don’t like them. LOL… Or find out who is willing to spend more money in a short time.

Sure it can… Just not by one person. You gotta get 40 people to foot the bill. It’s genius strategy. But it’s not working as well as they hoped… Yet.


Just to chime in here, the team is looking at Ice Flak tower and the HP of production towers. When @PGCrisis and I have more updates, we will let everyone know!



Thanks for letting us know it’s still going on.


@PGCrisis Is there any chance that we can get lvl 60 towers balanced with harbingers, or lvl 65 to balance with all Harbigner tier instead of going to lvl 70? Just asking with a little bit of hope as a nice gesture from your team after all of this. Thank you. They are way to weak for harbingers.

Or as an alternative, at least we can get the hammers we dont have so we can repair these baby 60s against big harbingers? Hammers dont really drop from bronze, very little. And spending 1.4k rubies for defense pack only contains 10 hammers. I wanna facepalm


I guess we were talking about different things. I do agree that true teamwork and a good team culture cannot be bought. Although if someone wants to be my WD sugar momma, I’ll. Be happy to work together. :smiley:

The team awards, however, can be bought. Just not by one person.


Going back up the thread, I am a new player. I am not a big spender. Pretty much just elite account. I still find it fun to play and work on leveling up. No, I don’t think I will make it to end game. But for me, that doesn’t really matter a ton.

It isn’t about being endgame, but the journey to get there.


I agree. But most journeys have a destination, and you get closer the longer you travel.

As elite only, you will never get to end-game. In fact, if the game continues its current development, you’ll be further from end-game in a a year than you are right now. Of you are fine with that and can have fun anyway, awesome.

I have not been a new player (for this game) in a very long time. Perhaps I have lost some perspective because of this.


Still disagree but could just be perspective I guess. Not really the point of this thread


Well get ready if everything stays true to form with PG if and when all base issues are resolved then the nerfing of dragons will begin


They don’t need to nerf dragons. Just release more tower levels.

That is far more likely, as nerfing dragons doesn’t make them money. New tower levels will.


I honestly don’t think they can help themselves


Obviously, the sample is FAR too small to be representative of even active forum members… but it does illustrate one aspect of the complexity of this issue:


The scaling for infinite versus any given number is completely different, if we want the game to remain playable by even the largest spenders. I’m considering doing two towers with infinite scaling based on historical trends, two with infinite and a scale that doesn’t break the game, and two to level 100. Just to illustrate.

As I said before, even if I were to advocate for a level cap, and I’m not 100% sure I would, there would need to be other mechanics in place to allow people to continue to strengthen their bases to face stronger dragons. So, please do not see any cap on level as a stop to progression or stagnation. Neither is good for the game or what I intend.

Also, as I mentioned previously, there is already a level cap for the base of 999. I suppose this could be raised, but for comparison, you need 10,714,039,000 XP to reach level 999. For level 600, you need “only” 227,842,000. So, at level 600, you are 2.13% of the way to 999. :man_shrugging:

You earn about 0.02 XP per second that you are building (average of multiple attack towers over all available levels). That’s 6,305,204 DAYS of building (with no research). Even if we’re super generous with every possible research (assume you have them all from the very beginning), and throw in some more that don’t exist and also assume you have them all from the beginning, you’re still looking at 4 MILLION days of building time. How many rubies is that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy building!

Insane XP required to level after 300