4.0 Update and Tower Balance Changes


IMO limits need to be based on adoption ratios of top two tiers to at least try to limit outgrowing the base. As utterly bad as the last update was, it was directed at what should statistically be the broadest base of spenders and not the top x%. It failed because it screwed EVERYONE (caps for emphasis, not yelling). As many, including you, have either said or alluded to, expansion outward and not upward, solves both PG’s revenue stream and reduces friction points for that broader base. Expansion upward without any adoption ratio and/or without reasonable scaling is just more of the same nonsense.



When you see teammates as minions. This would roughly be the “teamwork” or lack of I was describing that can’t be bought. And trust me. He’s trying.


Yeah but those r ur teammates not his :joy:

<3 u panda…panda…panda…panda, panda, panda, panda aye i got broads in Atlanta🎶


I see the point you are trying to make Panda, but you are failing miserably. Your attempt to poke fun at NMO isn’t working.


Lack of teamwork and cohension? I hardly need to make that point. You all do that for me, I’m just highlighting a mindset in reference to an earlier subtopic on this thread. Let’s not get into failing miserably lol. Think the record stands for itself haha.

Btw @MikesGoN2GetU you see it as poking fun. I’m just stating facts. There’s a reason so many people left and your former leader left and came to us so…:man_shrugging:


But you weren’t stating facts. Harv was referring to your minions and was not referring to his own team mates as minions. Now you may have some other valid points there. But this SS of Harv does not support your claims.


Anyone that sees any teammates as minions and uses singular terms like “my island” versus “our island”. Anyhow, results speak for themselves. There’s a reason why we don’t lose to that. It’s good to see someone from NMO defend their teammate. Even if he doesn’t lol.


I am hardly defending NMO. Merely pointing the flaw in this particular argument. At no point was he referring to his team mates as minions. Now if you want to attack him for implying you have minions have at it.


Please reread. Anyone who views teammates as minions likely has a flaw. This doesn’t matter who or what team. That’s just my view though. Clearly the other route is working out splendidly. Minons = teammates is the way to go :joy:


right… as if you have never referred to NMO or any players from any team negatively… “minions” seems fairly friendly.


More later… This was just the easiest one.

Extending the Cannon, to level 200, using the current curves (by current curve, I took the increase between each level, took the difference of the increase between each level, and continued it, where possible) In some places, this was not possible, so I took the most conservative escalation values based on historical data.

Do not reject these simply because the numbers get absurd, which they do. My whole point is that the current state of things is not one that can be sustained, even if taken as conservatively as history suggests is reasonable.

My point is that this is not sustainable.

See for yourselves:


End game is Hau for me. After that we’ll see :man_shrugging:


TL;DR (or OMG, that’s a lot of numbers:


So far, Hau has proved to be useful at just about any level, provided you have practiced enough. :smiley:


Hence its end game :rofl:


@PGCrisis and @Arelyna

Just checking in on what the team thinks of giving us “real” (connected to tower strength) numbers for the Power Level?

Yes, there are other issues that are more concerning, such as the anemic Ice Flak and the super nerf of farms and mills. BUT–we should have an accurate number that reflects our true defensive power. We know this is not the case right now.

Any word on when or if this is going to happen?




So, nothing?

The outcry has dropped to a simmer. But what is simmering can quickly become a boil. There are still several large issues we have not had a response on.

If nothing else, let us know you’re having meetings and conversations. :smiley:

Thank you.


Agree. They need to address the farm issue.


I appreciate that they resolved the big issue. Doesn’t mean we let the pressure off. There are still issues from the 4.0 update. I do love the invite banners. And that they tell you when a run is full. For bigger players, the farms and Ice Flaks are still a big issue though.


Radio silence again… sure some things are “adjusted” but many are still not correct or even close to being balanced…

Mills are weaker at level 60 then they were at level 50… hmm anyone want to graph that, looks more like the current stock market drop.

Ice Flak… supposed to be the best tower… but it only fires blanks even at level 60…supposed to have the best range, but it takes sooooo long to fire that it’s toast before it even warms up.

1B+ defense bases are being taken out even with 3 defenders… making the investment in defense pretty much worthless.

Yet, no update or communication in over two days now?
Support tickets refer you to forums or Facebook for updates… really???.. do they even realize nothing has been said here or in Facebook to provide any information or timetable.

I understand that they need time, but at the same time, they said they would “collaborate” with the players and welcome input… anyone here part of the select PG player consulting group?? Maybe you could shed some light into developments.

Wars come and go,uselessly right now, as its a race to 250, forget amassing defensive points.

PG needs to be more transparent with the player base as to status. This last update has broken a lot of TRUST between players and PG, and it would do wonders if PG maintained a more open and transparent approach to keeping players informed.