4.0 Update and Tower Balance Changes


That’s directly related to my request to get “real” power level numbers. Trust me, they know what I am asking for.

You want some graphs? Gimme a few.


I volunteer to be part of the discussions PG has. I will even call into the meetings to voice my suggestions and the suggestions coming from the player base. I will do this for free to help get the message to the developers.


As requested:

Farm Mill Super Nerf (original values are in the fist graphy, but they track perfectly with the originally release level 60 values, so you don’t see them:


I too, submit myself as tribute. Send me a PM with whatever your preferred means of communication is.


Hi, everyone! Hi, Savage. :wink:

I know I haven’t responded to this thread since Friday. My apologies for the perceived silence. I can tell you a couple of things that have been going on internally since we pushed out that update to re-re-RE-balance the towers:

  • The biggest thing that’s happening internally (and what I’m personally super excited about) is that we are developing a process to provide pre-release information to a subset of players and get initial feedback and opinions ahead of content releases to the game. As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, this is something our product team has been championing and we are in talks about how to get something like this up and running. I’m stoked!
  • We’ve also been having some conversations about gameplay balance, our internal processes, and how we can accurately access the impact to player experience in our changes moving forward. We know there are still things to tackle in terms of game balance (Production buildings, Ice Flak towers…we know! We’ve been hearing all the feedback from ya!), and we are actively working on not only updating these towers in-game but also arriving at the most logical conclusions for why we are updating them. We are adamant about avoiding another Great Nerf Update that 4.0 could now be considered.
  • I’m also in talks with our PX team on what we can do to provide an apology gift to our players for everything that went down last week. It was quite an experience for us, but we know it was the same if not worse for you. We know an in-game gift doesn’t fix things, but we hope it can be considered a token of the actions we are taking to make things right in the long run.

That’s all I’ve got for updates so far. There’s also a bunch of new content coming out that I’ll be working on, but I will be sure to make time to update this thread as more changes take place. I’m very, VERY excited about the prospect of getting our players directly involved with the game, and impacting our decisions for the benefit of everyone who plays. It’s one of the best ways we can do right by you and I can’t wait to get that ball rolling. :slight_smile:


I hoped for more, but I know we can be a difficult crowd.

Thank you for the update. It is very encouraging to see some of the items you have listed. Here’s hoping they do become a reality.


Thanks for the update.


I’m not sure I agree with the graphs as even level 39 farms are far easier to take out. According to the graphs they show they are unchanged. However in game that is simply just not the case.


Yeaaah… for me it‘s clocks and / or sigils if you want to make us happy :grin:

Thanks for the update :blush:


I’ll accept apologies in the form of green dragons in the spring season :heart_eyes:

Anyway, it will be interesting to see if the new feedback group does end up materializing.




:thinking: one could argue that they couldn’t access the impact assessment


Intern forgot the password.


We made them feel the impact :rofl:


Unfortunately I’m not so “super” stoked that nothing has transpired since Friday.

Conversations and discussions are a beginning, but decisions and actions carry much more weight.

Patience is an overly used word in in support tickets and this forum, as well as the myriad of apologetic verbiage.
However, much like elevator music, most (yeah I know some actually like it) people hate, as it comes across as more condescending than re-assuring or comforting.

Player feedback is needed. It has been provided in the past, yet apparently it seems like it was “in one ear out the other” given the Great Nerf Update 4.0.

Again, actions speak louder than words.

PG needs to be more transparent about changes. I fully understand the profit side, it’s business, I get it, but to what end is the bottom line worth destroying the revenue stream?

As for the “apology gift”, how about you re-name it the Great Nerf Giveback, and make it equitable to the losses incurred. A couple of rubies and timers will just irritate players further. This update had and continues to have a huge negative impact and the supposed balancing has actually become a greater imbalance.

I look forward to seeing more open communication from PG.


I volunteer as tribute


I English Good. :wink:


If the data is incorrect, I will admit that I have not pulled the information since the previous “re-rebalance” occurred. It is time-consuming to get the information, and I had no reason to think anything had changed.

Based on the numbers I pulled from 3.91 for the old values and for 4.00.1 (updated) for the new values, farms and mills have the exact same HP now as they did before up to level 40. Starting at 40, they gradually deviate further and further. I am not aware of any native resists these building have, so 39 and below should be the exact same.

I do not plan to pull data again until I notice a change in my values or Crisis announces another change.


Why do I feel like this is a disaster waiting to happen…


Let’s hope it’s not the worst case senario