4.0 Update and Tower Balance Changes


Farms should be nerfed across all levels. It’s ridiculous for farms having more health than towers.

Wars should not be won by farms. Towers will be easier to balance if farms are not used as a part of base defense.



What are you comparing your farms’ HP to?


The lvl 100 column makes me tremble. It’ll be great to be able to assign an old dragon to a tower and make it more powerful with a tower level constraint, just like builder hut type of thing. So the old dragons can have its places other than Den and our wallets wont scream running away…


Green still kind of has a point if you aren’t comparing level to level. Since farms and mills are so cheap to build, they are often the highest level towers on a base, and the hardest to kill. My farms/mills are always waiting for my next Builder Hut upgrade but I haven’t hit max level on a defensive tower for a very long time.

It is a bit frustrating to own an entire base and then have to bring in a second dragon just for resource producers. It’s especially annoying when you can’t get 70% without killing those.

The problem is that players bases have been designed around the farms/mills being hard to kill so I am not sure changing that would be a good thing.


This is the new number. Before the update, farms have way more HP than towers. Farms should have way less HP because farms not intended for defense.


I’m not saying that doesn’t make sense, but players have been designing bases with the HP of farms and mills as a major consideration. By changing the HP, how and where to place your resource buildings (and what they are good for) has also changed. I think you can see why this might upset people.


if they properly balance everything else who cares lol


The farms and mills right now are absurd. They need to have more HP. That’s what i built and i want something close to it


Players don’t like major changes, but this game needs major changes to balance things. It’s PG’s own fault for ignoring tower balance for so long.
PG can do two things to players happy:

  1. Give players ability to salvage towers. You sell a tower and get certain amount of lumber/ shards and timer back.
  2. Or allow players to change one tower to a different one. You changed a 45 archer to a 45 trebuchet for example. This will take certain amount of time to complete. This is similar to rider reassignment.


A “should” analysis is different. What goals should farms serve is a different topic than Savage’s proposal. He’s trying to do analysis on how to make more sense under the current system. A should question is a normative one, and it does not involve numbers.

Your opinion is worth discussing, but its in a different realm.


True, but changing fundamentals of base design is like saying “Yolo, lets remove these columns and these beams from building, and add some other columns and beams” which will lead to destruction of building. Its not just major, it would be extremely drastic for most high level players who spent so long to construct it.

Even if salvaging is introduced, i bet they will make it insanely expensive to remodel the base irrespective of introducing that.


My point is that farms, resources produce units, are erroneously used as base defense. This should be corrected before further tower balance.

Say you have towers and dragons balanced at similar level. Farms, however, will stop the dragons from defeating a base. You can’t make dragons more powerful because it’ll destroy the balance between towers and dragons you just established.


To ve very honest, i never put my farms on perch island like many are. And it works just fine. Some may argue that towers are higher levels, but its countering equivalent tier dragons, so that argument will not apply too well here. I put my farms at the very back. But i do also understand those who do is just working around what’s available and strategize around it. Just dont make it the hardest to kill on a base, yet not the easiest. Savage is proposing reasonable numbers, i think.

So I’m in a way agree with your thinking.

Another funny thing, no army will actively consider to put their supply facilities closer to the frontline shall they have a choice, aka if they didnt have to. And theyre not much less guarded either.


Hi everyone,

We’ve just announced the formation of the Gameplay Faction, a select group of players we have invited to receive and provide feedback on pre-release information pertaining to War Dragons.

The team is incredibly excited to begin conversations within this Faction. This is our first step in taking action to include the community more in our processes and receive thoughtful and timely feedback directly from players on content or changes coming to the game.

The full announcement can be found here! I will continue to provide updates as we have them.


I just got this when I asked where is our gift. Lmao are you joking what issues did I have with update , does this guy read forums


It’s ZenDesk. He does not read the forums. He works for a company that provides outsourced helpdesk support. I have used them before in my own business.


No wonder why they sound like morons and want screenshots for the stupidest things!


Where can one get a listing of which players are in this new group?


You don’t. The last thing a team of unpaid volunteers need is everyone and their mothers pestering them. Post your suggestions on the forum. Trust me. At least one of them will see it. If the idea holds merit they will pass it along. Trust your fellow players. And please don’t start hunting them. Trust them to do their job


To be honest, I haven’t read on the forum that PG is giving an apology gift. That’s why they are asking for a screenshot.

Unless I have missed one out of 1629 response that they have promised one.