4.0 Update and Tower Balance Changes


It would be nice if the game was balanced so this logic could be applied.

Sadly, PG usually rushes out legendaries AND mythics of a new dragon tier instead of releasing all mythics in the end so the jump in power would be less ridiculous (especially during the two weeks until the appropriate tower levels are release which is usually during fort 2 weeks later).


Thanks for the shot to the heart Warlord. I mean I know I am new and all but I can’t even build that high of a tower yet. What were the changes from 20-25 and 25-30?


Let me get the figures brb.

20-25 is 44%

25-30 is 46%


That was really well said👏


It seems like a simple solution. Should be easily enough to implement.


I feel the same way. We all now realize just how vulnerable our investments are. PG can steal everything from us at anytime for any or no reason. Whether we have any recourse is still questionable. Makes one feel insecure as hell!


Why build anything bigger that costs a million days of timers we don’t have only to have them have less and less bang for your buck. And also if the level to max a legendary harbenger is 300 whatever they decide that’s where the cap shouldn’t also be for food raids. Why is it they can have the same max dragons I can they can steal my food but if I revenge I get squat for it. I get the reason for less resource raids from smaller players is necessary but if they can have the same level dragons as a higher level I don’t think it’s right that I can’t raid them for food as well. As things are now higher bases are losing out all over.


That’s a self made problem.

A maxed short base can be done at lv 350.

There is actually no business to have a higher level. If you have then you kept building towers in past fort events to get those 2k sigils which comes by opening 2 super sigils chests.

Also the team prizes are not a reason for doing so if you get 1.5k sigils or 875 the 625 sigils won’t make any difference.

Once you’ve maxed infrastructure and all towers your fort points should be zero.


Two points:

  1. The farms need to be fixed. Yes level 60’s were too high but they should not have scaled it below 50 to fix it.

  2. The build times on the infrastructure buildings should be drastically reduced. There is no reason fo the incubator and castle to take 45 days or the storage hut to take 35 days. These building do not add to the overall strength of the base and these times are too high.


To alleviate this. I think rss amounts should be determined by the dragons. Not the base. If you have a mythic Harbringer your rss should be just as vulnerable as a level 600. Since you both are competing at the same level in a sense.


Yeah thats a no brainer then. 1st question i asked was what was the difference in % increases this go around on dragons and buildings.


There is no big surprise . The smaller scaling from 50-55 and 55-60 was to makeup for the slower tier release. Aka 10 tower levels covered 1 tier instead of 5 tower levels


The only surprise to me is how tf nobody over there thought that just maybe this might be the problem lol…until now.

I mean to go so far as to nerf or “scale” towers back…had NO clue hahaha


Where Is The Gift That Was Promised I’m truly hopeful That Its Not The Usual Brush Off Nonsence They Try To Buy Us Off With.
Fingers Crossed.


It’s as delayed as the points in the event.


How is that competing at the same level? One could be a complete idiot way over-leveled and now gets to bang away on the little guy that just spanked his cheeks and took his candy. Unless you’re just talking about harbinger


If it were to be implemented, I’d hope that it’s at the upper end, because whether someone has 10 L60 towers in storage or not doesn’t matter, just what’s out on the base :see_no_evil:


True. I was just thinking of it as a general thing. Makes a lot more sense if it was restricted to impacting above a certain level lol


I know you directed this to Panda but since his comment was about my comment let me be clear …if you are at a level for a max harbenger dragon then all bets should be off for a higher level revenging you …look at Noc for example almost anyone can take a base solo with him undefended it will be the same with this tier … there is NO incentive to get bigger towers in the game right now the bigger you are the less you get from each attack. I would love for you to try to feed a dragon that takes 1.5 million food when the best thing you can find in matchmaking will give you average 10-30k food you can hit me and take 300k of food but if I revenge even if you still have it I get maybe 50k back. Since they lowered the den caps on the big guns and made the towers less powerful even tho they are outrageous to build there is little reason to keep building that was my point


For sure. I was taking his comment generally not in the context of it only applying to players at your level. I agree completely :+1: