4.0 Update and Tower Balance Changes


cant wait :sunglasses:


Here’s the announcement!


Not gonna lie still a little conflicted about the update, on the other hand I been doing well in defense and attack lately so who cares =)


ive flown with Warlords alt before and he absolutely can take bases 100 lvls higher and with dragons you wouldnt expect. i agree with his view point on this topic also


How is this still open? I thought posts would automatically close after a month.


I suppose that threads in the Announcements and Off-Topic categories don’t close unless closed by a moderator :man_shrugging: :t_rex:


Because balance is still ridiculously messed up? :man_shrugging:


Most threads are set to close after a period of time without a reply. 1 month is standard. Not sure if announcements are special but it tells you when, in bold, below the last message; this one does not, indicating it has no auto close enabled.


PG will bring a dragon that will trap not only 3 bases like crt. But all five ,do you really think they care about us. Normal players that wont spend 1000 k of dollars to upgrade , will not get help we are going to keep complaining and all theyll do is listened to the big money spenders .


I dont think they wont listen to them either unfortunately.


Probably not if we all keep talking with our words and not with our payment method of choice. :man_shrugging:


Oh the irony of players funding the same thing they complain about :smile:


Hunters rock, ( warriors are SUPPOSED to be beefy & stacked on hp but don’t see much of that) and sorcs take patience.


Warriors are no more pushovers. Harbinger and Vanguard warriors are the best tier dragons in the game.


The hunters still rule IMO, but Destar and Jotun are the best warriors we’ve seen in some time.


Im out of “token funds”… can you spare a few 100k tokens??
Thanks, MareZ!!! :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Harbs are a ways off for me… methodically planning my way there for now & watching others flying harbs is what I’ve got ahead of me.