4.16 Atlas Bugs and Issues

For @PGDave and @PGEcho to keep an easy track of and for us to see what bugs are known and beg for them to be fixed.


Cannot Scroll to see all infrastructure

  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X

Fort bonuses not being correctly shown for egg tokens

Request: Granting Passage at each castle

  • Request to grant passage at specific locations versus just across all territories owned by a team


Primarchs have to move one castle at a time through when traveling in “enemy” territory, even when no blockades are present.

Cannot transfer troops on primarch to barracks

  • known mechanic, request to change
  • removes strategy and choice gameplay

Enemy primarchs on a castle lockdown all mines and poachers in the area.

Cannot transfer troops to another primarch

Cannot remove neutral castle from bookmarks.


Currencies and Spending

All bonuses are lowered

  • Gold
  • XP
  • Poachers


Ally color options

  • Request: Alliance leader setting team color does not change alliance color, but could it?
  • Request: Alliance Chat Tab

Alliance View

  • Request: Be able to view all teams in an alliance by searching

Dragon Riders

Missions are too long

  • 12 hours vs the consumables that are received is very out of balance. The request is to lessen the time required to be without a rider.
  • Players still get egg token missions to use dragons which are unavailable due to the quest.

Riders on Perches are not available for Dragon Rider Quests.

  • You must first “activate” them into your roster, or swap for another dragon, and wait 24 hours to swap them back. Shouldn’t they follow the same mechanism as other dragons and just de-activate for the 12 hours, then default back to their previous assignment.

Primarchs have to move one castle at a time through when traveling in “enemy” territory, even when no blockades are present. There is no way to override the warning that you are about to enter enemy territory.

Cannot transfer troops on primarch to barracks.

That actually is a design feature :man_shrugging:

Prim showed up in a RANDOM team territory. Now I can’t move it at all xD. Don’t even know how else to describe the issue I cant click “move now” it’s not even showing in the options.

Could you upload a screenshot too please?

Also I’m not sure if this will be considered a bug, but when an enemy primarch is in your castle, you are unable to use the mine or poachers, this is very inconvenient for events where the shield is a given.

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I noticed same as napkin, I cannot attack any poachers or mines due to enemy that we cannot attack on our base

Added in. Until then: you can disable the shield in the fort and kill the prim.

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We aren’t getting our full egg token bonus. It’s showig that we only have 1 fort upgraded for infrastructure points. I’ll attach a screen. But we actually have had multiple level 3 castle forts maxes, and many of the level 2’s maxes out.


Also my taunter looks like a fighter xD just saying.

I’m aware of that. It’s a colossal mistake and needs to be corrected.

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@PGDave @pgEcho
Please change passage back to individual castle. Assigning passage to one team in one castle now applies to all castles. You do realize we don’t have the same teams as neighbours on all lands right? Having team passage apply to all castles just does not make sense


Same issue

Taking your best rider/rider gear and dragons (because where else would you put upgraded legendary gear) out of action for 12 hours for pitiful amounts of consumables is just absurd… Make it somewhere between 3-6 hours with a cooldown (and increased rewards?) and it might become worthwhile.


We were told we could unload troops on our prims to free another prim, but I’m not getting that option even tho PGEcho said that could be done… Can only transfer the 200 per day to a teammates taunter…

Atlas is Crazy

Firstly, I am not able to donate my troops to Taunter and make my fighter fly away! I need to summon Sieger.

Secondly, I cannot move troops from my Primarch to barracks. What if I want to attack enemy zone after a week and don’t want to risk 22k but just 10 k troops?
Or if I want to move troops from Sieger to Rusher at my home!! Change this as pointed by @Red

Third: No Portals!!?

Gimme some of what u r smoking plz. So many castles are not connected to safe zones! How do u want us to connect if our island is on interior AND the castle connecting it with portal is destroyed? Beg a dozen passages everytime? U have a tiny alliance size of 5!!

Finally, we booted a team member because he has some family emergency. Atlas was off, so his Primarchs are on our castle. Now we can neither attack him (PvP is off) nor use the castle bank for a WEEK. A level 120 idiot is sitting on our castle. We can neither wipe him out nor use our base…

This is some BIG mess! @PGDave @PGEggToken @PGCrisis


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And u shame me on our alliance group for this :joy:

PvP is Offline. U cannot attack anyone with or without shield

I did no such thing :scream: A PG employee said it could be done so of course I thought it could!! That’s on PG not me lol :joy::joy: