4.16 Atlas Bugs and Issues


:sob::sob::sob: cant do shit in that land :sob::sob::sob:


Same here and some random enemy from another team who we’ve asked to move. Can’t kill them; can’t get hold of them and add a language barrier!!!
More concerned about where our 1m troops have gone…


This is a consequence of Primarchs only being able to traverse friendly territory unimpeded. To travel freely, try taking over the territory or forming an alliance.

This helps prevent troops from avoiding/ghosting combat once they are deployed. Committing troops to e battlefield is a bit weightier too, and comes with its own set of strategic options. There aren’t plans to change this.

No plans to change this now that Primarchs can attack mines & poachers without traveling to them. You need to control the castle to benefit from its natural resources (mines & poachers, I mean).

We’ll bring back support for this.


No offense but your responses make me wonder if you play the game or understand the politics in atlas at all LOL, pretty sure Red will come back with her comments. I will just wait LOL.

“try taking over the territory or form an alliance”…LOL you make it sound like its as easy as slicing a cake


Could something be done while PvP is disabled to allow players to use locked down mines and castles since there is no way to remove the blocking Prim?


People did…the AMOUNT of land you need to own to move freely is a lot more than you probably think…or you have to kill anyone who does not give you passage fast enough. perhaps we could increase the amount of free passage/team or go back to the per island method for now?

So I do not understand, you want teams to “fight” each other more in an equal manner but in order to get closer to each other to even do so…they have to kill all the lower ranked teams in between? Seems like a lot of risk and work?


@PGDave what about the rider missions in atlas? Can some of that be revised. It is a long time to invest a rider and best dragon for 4 crafting scrolls.



So this is annoying as hell… and makes no logical sense.
Cannot Attack or move to mines or poachers anymore???
WTH! A majority of hunting attacks were one on one killing Primes on poachers or mines!!!
You have taken AWAY 60-70% of the targets!!!

We can only attack on forts now??? Because one lone prime can now lock down a whole damn area!!!

One of the coolest things was to travel the map and snipe Seigers left out sitting on poachers or mines.

Do you want us to quit? That’s a serious question!
And no portals??? FFS :man_facepalming:t3:
That’s even more restricting!

If anything you should be opening things up!
Not locking them down!!!


True, but the loss of the strategic value of say having to physically move your primarch to a mine just to do a hit did not really make sense either. Ideally, there should be some sort of unownable place that you can go to versus waiting for someone to screw up on a mine/poacher right?

True, but you probably want more direct combat right? Versus most of it centered around someone making a simple mistake?

Okay…this one I agree with


Fighting of any kind should be encouraged. It’s a war game! If idiots leave Seigers loaded with troops and I use my Rusher to kill them it’s a tactic to get GP for Rushers who otherwise most people avoid or refuse to hit!

And I’m not sure about your obsession with RainbowRoom but apply I’d gladly take your application into consideration. I mean seriously :grin::+1:t3:
Maybe you’re so bored where you are it might be an actual challenge? :man_shrugging:t3:


And I’m speaking of space with which to travel and fight on… used to be forts, mines, and poachers.
Now you can only fight on forts which is limiting and dumb!

In a war resources travel, by plane, train and boat!
Being able to pick off pieces of another army is a tactic!
Jumping on a Mine and cutting off resources is a tactic.
Forcing the other team to remove you by leaving thier forts to come remove you is a tactic.
It’s all part of laying siege to a castle.
One Prime should not be able to cut off all things in a territory because some level 100 moron got lost and wandered onto a single fort. That makes no logical sense! Considering we have multiple forts mines and other things! 1 Prime to screw them all. :unamused:


We can both agree this update is pretty FUBAR.

I think so too…what it actually needs is the NML and neutral zones being almost swapped in size? You can move freely through the neutral zone but it might not be safe? Possibly the addition of unwonable rss sites as well?

I do wish there was more strategy and tactics though. This update and Atlas itself has potential but potential is nothing until it is recognized. I guess we will see. I would like to see more diverse and open fighting. But I do think 70% of it being sniping siegers on mines is a bit linear though.


I wasn’t being exact with the 70% it was just something to do while PVP shields were up… you could go out solo with a Seiger and kill Taunters on mines if you wanted too.
Or take a Destroyer and hunt fighters… any tactical advantage you could exploit for GP.

Send your Taunter to a Mine to block and force the other team to hit you.
That was what I was getting at that’s what 70% of the time and space were…

Now it’s everyone is forced to go hit the Gustav fort?
Protected by AI??? :man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3:

What kind of bullshit is that???


I agree about the pvp shields part. The combat part does need to be overhauled.

As far as the AI base…yeah, that made no sense so I really dont know wtf that was either.



@TheRedDelilah Please splice the PGDave responses into your original post, for tracking purposes.

As for bugs: The castle being owned by the Govner, not the team, is a serious issue. At a minimum, if the castle goes to the new team, the Infrastructure needs fall into storage for the team that built/paid for it.


Not sure if Bug, but:

Riders on Perches are not available for Dragon Rider Quests.
You must first “activate” them into your roster, or swap for another dragon, and wait 24 hours to swap them back. Shouldn’t they follow the same mechanism as other dragons and just de-activate for the 12 hours, then default back to their previous assignment.


Yea I think reducing the amount of places we can fight at is pretty unnecessary, also I believe portals are gone now but they were the easiest way for low levels to get some glory :(.


That actually requires developers to write logic.


Any1 else feels like atlas is loading much slower? Specifically enemy castles, my own castle loads pretty fast but for some reason enemy castles take like 30 seconds to load in.