4.16 Atlas Bugs and Issues


Well, if PG’s intent is to give players an incentive to engage more often then they ought to revise this. Troops are expensive whether you work your butt off attacking poachers, mines, use rubies, or real dollars. Only being able to revive a fraction is counter to encouraging people to want to attack often.


Couldn’t find this mentioned, but when going through the quests, the entire team is unable to complete the transfer troops from barracks to prim. The troops that are in the barracks look like they actually do transfer, though it clocks after hitting the transfer button and we eventually have to close the window or exit the game. Is it possible we’re missing a step or is this a known bug?


It is no longer possible to bookmark castles in neutral. Could be please add this back in so players new to Atlas can find each other easier. Thanks @pgEcho @PGDave


The Bookmark issue has already been reported. Reference number 66470.


@PGDave @PGEggToken pls check your PM … :+1:


Just make it so you can’t transfer troops to and from barracks with an enemy prim on the same island. How it previously worked with garrisons. Or make it so you need to be present at your home island to send troops back to barracks. If an enemy was at your garrison you couldn’t store or remove troops. If you wanted to transfer to another prim you couldn’t with an enemy present.


I’ve considered this transfer restriction too, but it’s imperfect – you can move your Primarch away a hop or few to get away from the enemy and then you would still be able transfer your troops off / hide. That’s a little too big of a loophole, imo.


No way to lock in troop amounts. when the battle is imitated. Or add a duration, For instance you have to be at the home castle for a few minutes. Before you allow transfer to barracks.


Good ideas. It starts getting harder to explain to players (especially new Atlas players who already have so much to learn) what’s happening, but something like this seems like the way to go if we come to a point where it’s clear that being able to transfer back to the barracks needs to happen.


Suggest teams include links to various aspects of the game that are deemed most important or provide snippets in their Wiki or LINE to help new players.


So allies parked at our castle are restricting us from transferring rss, is this normal?

@pgEcho Could u share some light into this?


Possible 4.16 bug…


It’s now scaled based on team influence. So if I have a level 385 player, new to Atlas attack me with the same level Primarch and troops he will get better “glory.”


We should not have more influence than that team, though. They have been in Atlas longer than we have


Look in your team influence log.


Why does the Attacker still lose more than 7,500 Troops?

The proposal from Dave:

Clarification from Dave:

Implementation from EggToken:

Offical Combat Overview from PG:


So one thing was said but another thing was done :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


I think most of the changes are positive, especially accelerated travel time (that was a non-starter for me from day one, but it’s much improved).

But can anything be done to make atlas load faster? Smaller data packets, maybe? Since the update, it takes a full minute to load every time I open atlas. Even scrolling across the map is slow because it takes ages to load the graphics. When I’m getting attacked and trying to bank gold, it takes so long to open the Manage menu that the attack can finish before I can access the bank, and I’m on a fast device.

One other suggestion is to clarify the view in atlas attacks. When defending, it can be hard to apply supershots because an oversized monument is in the way. And as the second attacker on atlas runs, it’s often difficult to follow the course of the battle because it seems to load at some random spot and you have to drag all over the screen to find the lead attacker. Everything just seems too zoomed in. You can get lost in the trees, literally, amd before you find your way to see what’s actually next on the base, you’re up and don’t know which drag to use because you couldn’t see the layout. (And I wish you’d do away altogether with that weird wall in front of the middle island, that’s sometimes there and sometimes not.)

And finally, please make it so you can either place heal marks/spring’s renewals on monuments, or else fire through them once activated the way you can with Dessicating Sand. As it is now, your fire is diabled once you load a renewal and you can’t hit monuments for chests until you reach an active tower to put it on.


Yea there definitely isn’t a 7.5k limit on attacking losses :joy:poor guy


Here is the solution to the bug I posted above.