4.16 Missions (let's talk)


I’m sorry but I really think this was someone trolling


well i do still think the rewards should be better, especially considering level 5 costs around 10k $


I’m almost 100% this wasn’t intended.

How active will we be if we can’t use our dragons for 12 hours :roll_eyes:

Is a quick fix possible PG ?


out of curiousity: I haven´t understood the mechanics of those Star-Quests.
I understand that 1 Star Mission gives less rewards then 5 Star Mission.

Currently I can do 1 Star and 2 Star missions. But not 3 Star or higher missions. What are the requirements for that?


What about those of us who don’t sleep :upside_down_face: This game is full of insomniacs. Not even kidding. And if you sleep 8hrs that still leaves 4hrs where you can’t use your drags


I think this is what you’re looking for.


found it thanks a lot!!!

I think it´s more disbelief that a maxed Grogg (with full event gear) and a maxed Tor (with partial epic or legendary crafted gear) get 2 Stars?

What did I miss? Where are the 5 Star Riders?


Pog knows :woman_shrugging:t3:

Maybe they need training for going on missions. The more missions the better the get at it and the more rewarding missions they can go on.

But at this stage, in my opinion it’s not worth it because it lockes your dragons for the duration of the mission.

Let’s see what happens with this…


I tried it and assigned Estril with rider to a mission. Well - 1 hour later I have a token mission in which I should use Estril. Rider mission can only be finished with rubies. So I should spend 800 rubies for 300 tokens? :rofl: very funny PG.


well my assumption too but I DO NOT like new features where you have to guess how they work.


it´s neither motivating nor fun nor worth the effort. Period.


Yeah, THIS RIGHT HERE. If we’re going to make the painful decision to take a dragon out of our line up for 12 hours for one of these stupid quests, at least don’t keep slapping us in the face by continuing to give us Egg Token missions using that SAME DRAGON.

I sent two dragons out last night and I’ve had no less than 3 missions for those dragons since then (and that’s with me sleeping most of that time).
So ticked off right now.


Set the dragon as inactive and get it out of your lineup before doing quests. That solves the problem.


I really sincerely think that PG missed a zero on every single mission reward item.

How many players out there have a 5 star rider yet? How many a 4 star? Hell, how many even have a single 3 star rider?
I’ve had Atlas since November and have focused all of my efforts simply on one defense rider leveling it and crafting gear for it alone and it’s still only a 2 star.

I tried out the 3 easy missions last night before bed with some dragons. It was not worth my time to rearrange my roster to send them out. It took longer then the 1 minute it would have taken me to speed up a single 1 hour mission where i would have gained 80 tokens, 5 more then the stupid mission that locks my dragon and rider for 12 hours.

6 scrolls gets you NOTHING
75 tokens is a JOKE
12 1hr timers is hardly anything

To boot, you need to either wait for the element type to RNG you access, or you need to spend 60 rubies switching the rider to a dragon of the proper element type to even do this.

In it’s current state, unless these bring back SUBSTANTIAL bonus items (not listed here), or these quest rewards GROW as you do more of them I don’t see this being something that i would ever recommend people to do for the effort it takes to constantly check to see if your rider is eligible or using rubies to swap. The rewards/effort simply is too low (and by too low i mean in the order of magnitude that the team quests are too low)


Well, obviously. lol
But we shouldn’t have to do that. If a dragon is gone on a mission and unavailable, he shouldn’t be coming up on Egg Token missions.


This is the exact post I was about to write. Thanks for saving me the effort!! :joy::joy::joy:


I would rather PG focus on the bugs, glitches and overall reward vs. effort value of Team Quests and Missions than focus on rewriting the egg token mechanics.

I’d much prefer to take 30 seconds to inactivate my mission dragon then go launch it on a mission. Currently the rewards aren’t worth sending off my best rider and dragon for 12 hours so I just use my warrior dragon/rider for “meh” value missions - better than nothing and the rider’s doing nothing anyway.


I would add that the time should changed based on difficulty. Why the hell fo they all take 12 hours? Something along the lines of

One Star 1 hour
Two Star 3 hours
Three Star 9 Hours
Four Star 12 Hours
Five Stars 15 hours

Of course with the increased rewards you’ve mentioned.


Or even do it reverse. Keep the prizes the same, just have the 1 star riders take 12 hours to do the mission, the 2 star could take 9 hours, and the 5 star riders could do them in an hour or two.

This would be a huge benefit for people to level their riders and do missions strategically through the day for their next in game time.

Actually yes this is exactly how these missions should work. Good idea Mech


This seems like a great idea. But you forgot the PG factor. They’ll find some way to fuck it up. Just watch.


PG is constantly monitoring activity in game. They will soon see that no one is running these dragon rider quests because the rewards are not worth down time.