4.16 Missions (let's talk)


This is the exact post I was about to write. Thanks for saving me the effort!! :joy::joy::joy:


I would rather PG focus on the bugs, glitches and overall reward vs. effort value of Team Quests and Missions than focus on rewriting the egg token mechanics.

I’d much prefer to take 30 seconds to inactivate my mission dragon then go launch it on a mission. Currently the rewards aren’t worth sending off my best rider and dragon for 12 hours so I just use my warrior dragon/rider for “meh” value missions - better than nothing and the rider’s doing nothing anyway.


I would add that the time should changed based on difficulty. Why the hell fo they all take 12 hours? Something along the lines of

One Star 1 hour
Two Star 3 hours
Three Star 9 Hours
Four Star 12 Hours
Five Stars 15 hours

Of course with the increased rewards you’ve mentioned.


Or even do it reverse. Keep the prizes the same, just have the 1 star riders take 12 hours to do the mission, the 2 star could take 9 hours, and the 5 star riders could do them in an hour or two.

This would be a huge benefit for people to level their riders and do missions strategically through the day for their next in game time.

Actually yes this is exactly how these missions should work. Good idea Mech


This seems like a great idea. But you forgot the PG factor. They’ll find some way to fuck it up. Just watch.


PG is constantly monitoring activity in game. They will soon see that no one is running these dragon rider quests because the rewards are not worth down time.


I’d love to see how many actual completed vs. abandoned missions there were. I know they will never share this information though.


They will then respond by punishing you for not doing so :+1:


My maxed Vanquisher with a mix of legendary and epic gear all leveled up some, is only 3 stars. Seems u need a full set of maxed legendary gear for 5 stars…which is kind of ridiculous :joy:

Doesn’t really matter to me rn cause the rewards are below garbage.


Any other game ranks a mission on a time vs alleged difficulty.
The fact 1* through 5* are all 12hr missions!?
What the actual hell!
Whoever thought that up need to stop taking the drugs!


Can we get someone to adjust these?
1 star = 1 hour
2 star = 3 hours
3 star = 6 hours
4 star = 9 hours
5 star = 12 hours

Just like token missions it makes sense larger prize = more time.


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