4.21 Release Notes


There isn’t much to this update, so it’s not going to be as pretty as when EggToken does it.


  • New Springveil themed map

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue so that locking down a locked down tower now correctly refreshes the timer on lockdown.
  • Fixed an issue so that when you attack a locked down tower and then lock it down again it uses a new timer instead of the original one.
  • Fixed an issue where we would create breeder missions with dragons that were already in a rider mission.


Don’t worry I still think you’re pretty Jared


@PGJared anything planned with regards to changing timers or leveling 300> bases?


Well no news is good news to non atlas :joy:


Quick to the point… nice


Hooray for fixing what I think will be the best dragonfor a while


Not to my knowledge but I’m not entirely in the loop right now.


You had me at map :grin:


I am in love with the new map😍 does it change between night and day?


Please roll this back! We can’t see anything! :man_facepalming:t3:


Not much I do update and now no atlas icon my first chance to get a castle and I am going to miss it wow thanks


Now i can not see anything
And where is my atlas???


Is it suppose to be this dark? :eyes:


It’s what was previewed on facebook a while ago; I thought that it was before more effects were added.


Atlas is gone, how are people supposed to kill the soon-to-flee Kingpins?


I don’t go to the War Dragons Facebook often at all. It’s very dark but I’ll get used to it. :confused:


no atlas after update


What do u mean?


PG knows the issue about Atlas disappearing and has posted that they are working on it here: ATLAS is gone with new update


:heart_eyes: Dat new map skin doe!

Edit: :heart_eyes: angler fish!!!