4.21 Release Notes


Also did I mention this guy


Best ever darkness. Can we have Northern Lightd effect. :joy:.
Developer must be trying out.


Damn that‘s cool :heart_eyes:


I dont have that guy. In fact my waters seem to have been over fished and are now sad dark and empty

Hey @PGJared, where’s my fishy at? I knock knock knock but he’s not home :fish::sob::-1:


To dark. I can barely play It now. Please fix ASAP.


I like it. Better than the hideous bright orange.


Any chance of getting some shiny disco lightz installed above my perches?
Maybe I could get some red lighting around my breeding castle? The effect would surely increase that red-light district feel. :thinking:


That’s what Kirin is for, no?


My Kirin is far too busy, delivering glitter bombz throughout the lands of WD to be nested on my perches.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t mind the new theme, but something with the update is draining my battery much faster than normal. 5-10 minutes playing and dropped 70% of my battery.


Some of us older folks don’t have the best eyesight. This theme is nearly impossible for me to play now.

I guess after 3 years of playing this game PG has finally found a way to force me out. Because if this isn’t resolved I will have to quit until it’s changed again.


A suggestion for your staff and programmers to think about. It’s cool that after all this time you are putting some thought gut into the basic skins and themes of the game. But it would also be nice to have a way for the players to select the ones they want to use so that if it’s a problem for them they can at least change back to the old default one.


What makes it “Spring”? Isn’t Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) when the long darkness recedes and we have MORE sun (and flowers and bees and such)?

I think we need mosquito’s, ticks and bees biting our dragons causing them to die from communicable diseases.

My dragon would look cool with Rocky Mountain Spotted fever from a tick bite.



Hello Darkness my old Friend…


But the new version, with disturbed singing it :raised_hands:t3:


I actually hesitated but I was afraid fans of the original would be upset. I think Disturbed version would fit better in our case too😏


I see that certain players are selected to receive prizes when they lvl up which is cool as I know this is a trial period. I just wanted to throw out the idea of giving prizes to those of us who buy packages after spending a certain amount. That’d be a win win those of us who do purchase will get a lil extra after spending a certain amount plus might get ppl to purchase more packages which will help fund development. Just a thought I’ve never posted in a forum before so hopefully this is the right place :joy: anyway just something to think about. ~ Cougar


@PGJared is there any time frame for when this is rolled out to all players?

This seems like a huge imbalance when some players receive several thousand rubies, timers, tokens and more for every level up while others miss out.

Or will the other players get it retroactively once the system prooves to be working?


with the way they have mentioned about test, i doubt it will be retroactive, even if its implemented.


Maybe a “Double build XP” pack similar to the KingPin $9.99 pack from last week is a partial solution?
I mean if PG can’t find $$$ in increasing XP per build and that’s what is holding it back, maybe this is a good business plan?


Similalry to having food and wood boost, have a collectible XP boost token in the upper pricing tiers.

@PGJared @Warlord @TheRedDelilah


Uhh Warlord and I don’t work for Pg…