4.21 Release Notes


But you talk sense @ PG. Previous changes started with Warlord’s post.


Not to my knowledge.

I don’t believe so.

I’ll pass the suggestion along.


Thanks for your quick response.

I very much hope that this will be rolled out before the next fortification event.

This shouldn‘t sound like a threat but I sense a huge uproar will be coming when this goes viral, just like when only a small group of players got the 35k ruby value pack offer.

Friends around my level got over 4000 rubies for a level up plus timers andy tokens.

Last fort I did 16 level ups which would equal almost 70k rubies, 13k tokens and 30 days of speeds with such rewards.

If next fort event some players have this huge benefit and most others don‘t, it will be extremely unfair.

Looking forward to the rollout.

EDIT: Sorry, just found the thread where this is being discussed.

Level up rewards

Having it boost XP would just give people underwhelming bases charged loaded to others at their level. A boost would need to be based on build time or amount of buildings that you can build at once. Someone just getting more XP per build would actually be a really big detriment to them.


No please don’t. It’s a dumb idea. Can you imagine a level 300 base built with double XP? It’ll be like a level 200! :joy:

Edit: I would spend money on an additional build slot or a reduction in build time during the event though! You should suggest that!


You are right, it is a dumb idea but at least it gets the conversation going. As long as PG talks about it, hopefully something (anything) will be implemented. :grinning:


Build time reduction please!!!