4.21 Spring Theme


The theme is amazing!


Looks like dusk now. Much better


Did the dark theme disappear and return to the og theme last night for anyone? Mine did, then my morning it returned to the bioluminescent fungi theme…


On an iPad it’s cool, on a phone somewhat less so…much better than the 70’s look they tried…


Awww… sorry to hear that. The moon is gorgeous but can only be seen for a second or two when you swap. It could be a platform thing though. Hope you get to see it though eventually :slightly_smiling_face::crescent_moon:


Springvale is about mystical Celtic magic. Deep down in the secret areas of the magical forests untouched by light. The areas that creatures like our avatars can be free to just be. It’s called creativity.
A person took the time to think this all out. It was cool to to them. It was an artistic thought process that went along with the creation of the avatars. So to say no one thought this out is WRONG! We all are creative differently.
Yes it was a little dark and lightening it up some was a happy medium for all. It only lasts a short time and then we are on to something else. When they lightened up the map a little mine actually lost all the springvale features. I would like to have mine back as I enjoyed the change:) @Arelyna any ideas?


I was playing with lowest brightness possible :joy::neutral_face:


I deleted and reinstalled for the 2nd time and it fixed its self. Springtime in the vale is back in my game:)


The theme is super cool but on my phone (Galaxu Note 5) the towers are much brighter than the whole map i would prefer a little bit darker (not too much) and i don’t have the fish :sob::sob::sob:
But in general i really like it :heart::heart:

EDIT: I restarted my game and the patch is now on. Everything is perfect but still no fish and water have changed i don’t like it this way.


Could you screenshot what you are talking about?


It fixed itself when I uninstalled and reinstalled. When they lightened the islands mine reverted back to normal. But then I reinstalled and it came back as springvale theme.


That is great to hear! :slight_smile:


This is still way to dark on a phone. I can see where it’d be ok maybe on iPad. I pray this gets changed. I absolutely hate it.


I play mine on iPhone and iPad. Just turned the light up a little.


Super dark!!

It’s ok indoors but cannot play outside especially if the sun is out then you can’t see anything at all!

Inside where it’s dim you can see but then it almost seems everything is very dark but all the towers are really highlighted lol


You wanna see the moon?

Breed a dragon! It looks awesome! :sunglasses:


My brightness is all the way up.


It would be cool to have your base change based on your local weather conditions (location) and time of the day. Like, a rainy morning would get a gloomy base overhaul. A sunny mid-day would get a nice colorful base. If its 8 PM, you’ll get the current version. These changes would apply after restating the app.

Those in Canada would enjoy their snow base a lot.
We have to find a way to create a “humid” base for tropical areas, lmao. Okay, or just a beach-y base.
An a lot of trash on the base layout for those from New York (throw in the “statue” as one of the monuments)
A garbage truck backing up every now and then with that annoying “beep-beep-beep” sound. A siren every once in a while…




That would be so cool, however as u said as a canadian there would be snow on my base for like 9 months :joy:(just exaggerating, or am i?)


Well yeah, it’s snowing 20cm today where i’m at :man_shrugging: