4.21 Spring Theme


I love that!! War Dragons, nighttime style!


Got it back. Had to force stop the app and restart. Hopefully that is the worst thing that happens. Other than mother nature being messed up in war dragons too.lol


Absolutely totally hate it! :rage::rage:


Night has fallen over my base too.
Does this mean my base is in sync with my time zone now?
Or is it because Friday 13th?


Surely there are more useful things those dev hours could have been spent on :pensive:


Super dark, really hard to see. Are you trying to make us all get glasses due to eye strain? :joy::joy:

Please fix this asap.


I had to turn my brightness up to max on my iPad just to be able to see the towers during attacks. That’ll just shorten battery life. Why would anyone think this is a good idea?


Oh, boy… I like the dark themes, but this… I still got the standard one, though


Maybe if you tap on the water enough the light on the whale will make it bright enough to see the towers.


Darkness shines!!

Seriously, this will be awesome if the important things are lightened a bit more.


Hey Everyone,

Thank you for all the great feedback. I’m going to try and brighten up the monuments really quickly to help with some of the current level of darkness. Do we have suggestions on which ones we should brighten up?


How about all of them? Keep it simple.


Yeah ALL of them this is crazy!!!


All of them, yes. But especially those on islands 7 & 8. Those two are practically invisible.


Thank you for all the feedback. Were working on brightening everything up so that it should be much more visible on all levels of brightness. In the meantime i have altered the brightness of the monuments to be much higher so if you are still seeing dark monuments please relaunch the game.


Thank you! It is loads better. I’m testing it now :blush:

Edit: And I didn’t realize just how far the ruby mine extended until you brightened up the monuments. I hadn’t really noticed on the old theme, but it’s a lot more obvious with the new one.


It’s a complete F up! Can’t see my bases with the brightness down, turn it up and the brightness does ya brain in. Performance is worse, so it seems like they’ve sacrificed performance for these unnecessary visuals.
There us so much that NEEDS fixing…so why are they playing around with appearances and making the game worse?
Do they use testers?


Only if you have perfec vision…anyone with any kind of impairment will struggle with these illuminations.


The challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to take out all the boats on every run!


Thank you very much!

One last request for me, can the boats have like a lantern or something to distinguish them from the water?