4.21 Spring Theme


There’s always the one or two that prove impossible to hit… even before the theme change :laughing:


Hey @Lutrus I’m going to try and do that for you guys now. I’ll give you guys an update once its live


You just wrecked the challenge! :joy:


Sorry :frowning:


Only on an ipad. Every other device you should be able to hit them all!


Shut up. I need those boats!


Prove u got the skillz then!


Quit bossing me around


Quit stalking me then…


I refuse.




StalkyGrinch :thinking:


:+1: for the anglerfish


I love it as is, darkness, moon & moonlight, glowy towers super beautiful and love the deep sea angler fish in the water. Nothing to change imo. We have brightness controls on our devices. :heart:️:heart_eyes::+1:


If your bases are gloomy. Turn on the lights. Kirin to the rescue :joy::joy::joy::joy:

My eyes. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


It would be a bit amusing if that did work as a draconic torch of sorts while flying through but probably a waste of resources :rofl:


I like that. :heart_eyes:


With the lighted monuments, it reminds me of the Thomas Kinkaid(?) paintings. :heart_eyes:


:thinking: The lights are still on in Atlas. Dave or Echo stole them!


Easy to do, but I guess i do have an S8 that has a wider screen