4.21 Spring Theme


How are the sites without defense towers lighting up? Bioluminescent dirt? :flushed:




:heart_eyes: errmygerd. Just sprinkle the fungi all over the place. Light problem solved.


I feel cheated. No matter how many times I tap the water I dont get the whale/angler fish at all. Who shot my sea monster?!!! :sob::sob::sob::sob: :whale::blowfish::tropical_fish:


Try the larger open bodies of water, such as left or up from the base, and double tap (or more).

Edit: This is on your own base, not during an attack :stuck_out_tongue:


Ive tapped all over that base so many times pretty soon it’s going to be demanding child support from me.

No fishy in the rivers, no fishy in the sea. No fishy in the open ocean, oh where oh where could my fishy be


Is this a permanent skin for the spring season? If this is a dark mode feature within the game then it has potential I guess, but please give us the option to turn it off. I have become the master of squints!



:thinking: Are you on Android? might be broken


Yep, galaxy s8+ which this game seems to hate. I am a very sad panda now :panda_face:


Perhaps it’s better to have one heal potion, or 10 token drop instead of lantern…
I mean 50% drop rate or so, since this is a challenge


If only I could design ACTUAL game challenges… :joy:


The new theme is not good. It is too dark.
The fine details of the island are lost. Why spent so much time designing the graphic elements of the game when you go an hide them in the dark.
Moreover the look and feel of the game is gloomy and sad.
Is this how yo want players to describe “war dragons”?


Just updated, so I’ve just realized.
Due to the dark theme, can you darken the waiting screen as well (the one with a dragon flying)?


That would be a nice permament QOL change!
When you play before going to sleep and your surroundings are very dark and you turn your device very dark aswell, that loading screen blinds you everytime it comes up :dizzy_face:


I have similar issues. So hard to see.


I love this theme. All the towers are highlighted and so much more clear. And that moon looks gorgeous :star_struck:


I don’t have a whale either, someone post a picture please I want to seeeeeeee :sob::wink:


The fish (or whale, or anything else) refuses to come out…

@PGMichael : Additionally, can you make the color of the mist (during battle) darker? It’s too contrast with the dark theme.


There you go :slight_smile:


Now I got it