4.21 Spring Theme


Also the Runes tower is still dark, as is the wall that is attached to the second monument off the first long set of islands.


Perches are also still dark.


I like it :smiley: the angler fish is amazing lol


I must say I like the moon a lot. But you can only see it when you swap dragons :slightly_frowning_face:


My game is now alot darker then it was this morning


Is there anyway that those of us with pooreyesightcan get thisdark rubbish celeted and go backto the old way…i just cannot see what the he’ll I am supposed to be doing…no joke…


I have not the best eyes Either. This spring theme makes it much harder for me to see…anything. Any tips on How You can make it brighter (while bright PG sends out Another update)?

I play mostly on iPad Pro and ive fiddled with the graphic settings both in game and outside but still dark. Of course it is perfect on My iPhone and just as before


This is my favorite of the various themes applied to the islands.


With your name it kind of fits, no?


Great looking theme aside from the brightness. I’d say 25% brighter would still give the effect of it being night, but also improve playability tremendously.

Also, thanks @PGMichael for working on improving this so promptly.


The new night scene is too dark. Makes it hard to see bases when attacking. How long is it gonna stay like this? Not long I hope!


Why, don’t you like that the darkness shines? :rofl:


How about glow in the dark towers?


Unplayable for me, please give us the ability to OPT out of this theme, shouldn’t be hard to have a check box in gameplay tab of settings to apply or remove the seasonal theme


It would have been really good if I didn’t get blinded every time it pass from my dark base to the brighten loading attack page or dragon den… It give me headaches.


Agree, I have difficulty seeing in the bright… can’t see towers like this… it’s should be adjustable… this is terrible…


Still too dark but love the nighttime theme. Please lighten this up and allow a contrast adjustment. I have a brand new iPad Pro and even when I adjust, I can’t see a damn thing!


The whole theme… most of this is invisible to me… and anyone else with poor eyesight.


@PGMichael would it be possible to get an option on the game settings menu to opt out of themes and play with classic theme only?

I know you all work hard on these, but I’ve never met a theme I liked better than the classic one.



New update is hard to see on and instant headaches any other color blind people having issues

Protanopes are more likely to confuse:-

  1. Black with many shades of red
  2. Dark brown with dark green, dark orange and dark red
  3. Some blues with some reds, purples and dark pinks
  4. Mid-greens with some oranges


Deuteranopes are more likely to confuse:-

  1. Mid-reds with mid-greens
  2. Blue-greens with grey and mid-pinks
  3. Bright greens with yellows
  4. Pale pinks with light grey
  5. Mid-reds with mid-brown
  6. Light blues with lilac


The most common colour confusions for tritanopes are light blues with greys, dark purples with black, mid-greens with blues and oranges with reds.

The images show how the beautiful colours of the pigments are lost to people suffering with each type of dichromatic vision