4.21 Spring Theme


Personally not liking the darkness, to dark


Do the accessibility options (at least in iOS) help?

settings->general->accessibility->display accommodations->color filters->turn to on and pick between:


I can’t find anything for it


is that Android?


Galaxy j7



And no it don’t help


Maybe a pair of headlights for the dragons :joy::joy::joy:

Edit: and if your dragon have a rider, then maybe he/she has a torch :sunglasses:


A TORch? :yum:


Why is there no option to opt in to visual updates like this? I might find a time to want to play with this, but I would much rather fly in the light of day.


It’s like a permanent nighttime is there anyway we can just re-brighten the whole game make it like a daytime spring theme not nighttime All the towers blend into the ground they are very hard to see and overall the whole base is dark @PGJared @PGEggToken


I see what you did there :eyes:


This theme is dedicated to Nosfer. However flying that poor thing is like the annual get-together of Moles (Nobody can’t see anything)

  • The dragon has eyesight impairment, so I need to fly him.
  • I can’t see the dragon, just only the fireballs.
  • I don’t see what I am shooting at either…

Unless I’m in a dark room.

Increasing the brightness on the Tab makes every light component shine so bright, that they burn in my retina (instead of the screen)

So if there’s a petition for getting an option to TOGGLE SEASONAL THEME ON/OFF, my signature is there.


And I’ve just got Nosfer’s eggs…
Wonder if PG has extra glasses for him


Who wants to share a flashlight?


Merely a coincidence that such an update was rolled out, guess I have an explanation for my username now.


There’s a Dragon Headlights pack in the Store now.


They spit fire, you’d think that’d light things up a touch…



Way to hard to see. I wish we had an option button to get daylight back.


Does look pretty on both devices now, though glowing towers & dark backgrounds not ideal with migraines. Thank you for the effort though!