4.21 Spring Theme


It looks super depressing. Now the game has the emotional feelings of the players because of all these new bugs and glitches. *sigh


Causing problems for anyone with visual challenges, like color blind, vision correction needs, difficulty with contrast etc. This needs to be changed. This’s is the second time thy have made huge visual changes without considering th user base.
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I’d like a glowing dragonfly to guide my Dragon like a summon, please.


Darkest “Spring” I ever saw.



I’ve said it in another thread, but this one seems to be getting more attention so I’ll repeat it here.

It’s to dark. Even with my device brightness set to max I have to play with my devices inches from my nose. Some of us older and visually impaired users just can’t play the game with this type of theme. After this event if it’s not changed I will have to leave the game until it’s resolved. After 3 years or so of playing PG has finally found a way to force me out. I survived all the unrepaired bugs, the excessive greed, even a major event with sync errors every few minutes that they wouldn’t cancel just because the game couldn’t reach its own servers. But I can’t play a game I can’t see.

I also suggested that they at least put in a way to switch to the old default theme if in the future they make more that some players ant use or just don’t like.


I like it. It’s much calmer for my eyes unlike the usual bright screen. It’s perfectly visible to me and have no issues seeing and differentiating the towers.


Who comes up with this crap I mean seriously were you all dropped on your heads or what


It is a little bit dark for me as well. I ma wearing glasses.Make it a little brighter so eyes will not strain and save those batteries on the phones.

Actually My eye doctor told me ones "\If your eyes are tired try to look at a green color the eyes will get rest. So if war dragons theme will be a little bit brighter we will play a better game.


I… I read that as something totally different :eggplant::newspaper_roll:

If you turn your device brightness up it actually looks really good. I think it would be better if they went a little more dusk than midnight with it. The scenery is beautiful but you guys made it too hard to see and appreciate

Now where is my damn fish at?


Hi all - I want to reiterate PGMichael and thank everyone for the feedback.

We’re working toward a more long-term solution for inconsistent brightness levels in this map, and will try to update as soon as possible. We hope to be able to roll out some tweaks to the map as early as next week (fingers crossed!).


The brightness level has improved immensely. I now am enjoying playing on this map. However, I must admit I have no forms of visual impairment, so I cannot speak for that end of the spectrum.


It would be really nice if you guys would quit deciding for “actual players” what our screens should look like. If you want to give some visual changes, why don’t you introduce themes and let players select which one’s they like? That way those of us with different issues can select the ones that suit us. Every time you change things, it affects things like visual acuity, color blindness, chronic migraines and other headache issues, epilepsy, etc etc. If you would just introduce themes and have a few free ones, you could even make more money by charging for everything like you already do. You could put out a few new themes for each new season or holiday or whatever and everyone could be happy. At the very least, let people, a VARIETY of people with different disabilities, test out the ideas before you implement them.


This new update is very hard on my eyes. I have visual problems anyways and even with my glasses on it is difficult to see things. I did change the setting on my Android for “Outdoor Mode” which brightened it some, but I would have preferred we were given an option. I sure hope it is not going to stay this way.


PG is working towards a long term solution.

Here’s an idea. Revert back to the theme from last week and spend your time fixing bugs instead.


Same here


Have you considered that PG is not a single team of people working on one thing at a time? Those who work to create new themes are not the same as the team(s) working full time to solve problems and bugs.

They would probably be lost if you asked the theme designers to solve the spell issue for Y dragon, by example…


Just a quick update here everyone. We’re going to try our best to release a new version of the map by the end of our day here. I’ll keep everyone here posted on the progress.


Concept is cool, just needs a full moon and we’ll be in business.


You make a good point. I should have been more thoughtful in trying to express my dislike of the new theme.


I like the new theme. Very cool looking. Love the Angler Fish. Lol